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Author Notes: Think back to your primary colors and secondary colors. Yellow and Blue make Green. Red and Blue make Purple, and Yellow and Red make Orange, and God help me, I can see a series in that!

Making Orange
By Scribe

Yellow was reading a sleazy looking paperback when Red flounced into the room. He quickly hid the book down the side of the couch as his round little friend dropped down beside him. "What's wrong, little buddy?"


Red was fuming, so he didn't see Yellow roll his eyes. "Guess the date didn't pan out, huh?"

"Yellow, she's notorious! Heck, they put bowls of nothing but Greenies out at frat parties, because she's supposed to get people 'in the mood'. Well, she flirts, and she flirts, and nothing."

"Bad, huh?"

"My chocolate balls are the same shade as Blue. I'm about to burst my shell."

"Well, we could do something about that."

"Like what? I know that people like hand-made chocolates, but I'm tired of jerking off."

Yellow pulled the book out and handed it to Red. "Does this give you any ideas?"

Red studied the cover, which showed two humans--one flopped face down across a table, and another one standing behind him. It took him a second to realize that they were both without their fabric coating. He blinked, then read the title. He looked at a grinning Yellow with dawning comprehension, and a distinct stirring below his M. "Fudge Packers?"