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Ladies and Gentlemen. I, Professor Crane, Slave of Ms. Hime's whims of madness due to the fact that I had such a miniscule role in the inferior Batman Begins and am now reduced to this for food , am proud to introduce the newly REANIMATED MAGIC SHOPPE

I Love Robin's Chickies!.....and Kevin 11 makes wonderful lovers!

I love Summer Movie Season. I also love chocolate cake. Gotta love the chocolate cake. I wish Professor Crane would feed me some, but I don't think he will, being that he's you know, fictional and pretty nutty. X.X Anyway don't let his schpiel bother you. I fed him gorditas. Mmmmmm...gorditas.
Anyway, been away for awhile. Bleh.
Anyway. Have fun.

Why hello, I'm Batman. No-Wait! I mean I'm Wizard Howl! I'm a playboy, but I really love this one girl. So I'm spoken for. I'll also be damned if that one girl is Katie Holmes. No, my girl has a Brittishy accent. I also turn into a bird. Yeah. A bird. Its pretty badass too. Too bad you probably won't see it as I'm being shafted by Disney.

Here is a link to the movie the studio I am interning for is releasing:
Tugger: The Jeep Who Wanted to Fly
the studio site is here: Genesis Orlando. Their world premiere is coming up in Celebration, FL. Free Admission on July 2! ^_^

*Sigh* ANGST. I'm Ben Grimm, The Thing! I'm this summer's obligatory angst mascot. I have a shallow wife who leaves me and I wish I could turn invisible because I turn UGLY. Blah. Why does everyone else get cool powers and I turn into a hideous freak? *Sigh* Angst.

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Welcome back, if you are still reading! This is my Magic Shoppe! a place where I build shrines to all my favorite Animated/video game/all time favorite characters! Look around and have some fun! Remember-I don't own any of the copyrighted characters here-fanfics are by me and belong to me- fan art is by others and belongs to them. Leave a note in the GuestBook if you want to be really nice!

Thanks for stopping by my Magic Shoppe, The Self Proclaimed Pop Culture Diva, Chibi Hime Thanks you! DOn't let him dissuade you from moving onward into the vast, uncharted regions of my twisted psyche!

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Chibi Hime Presents: Today's Favorite:

Song: Ready Steady Go! from Fullmetal Alchemist
Movie: 90's Spider-Man Cartoons, I know its not really a movie, but it was my soap opera!
Food: Spicy Ramen Cup Noodles! <((*_*))>
Drink: Diet Pepsi
Book: Phantom by Susan Kay (YOU WILL READ THIS BOOK NOW!)
Bishonen: Vincent Valentine (As Always ^_^), With Boba Fett and Erik, The Phantom of the Opera (yes, he can be bishonen!)

I adopted Tso Lan Kitty from Spleef's Rare Finds. Want a kitty? Go here-

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