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Greetings weary web wanderer. I welcome you to my small age dedicated to SoulTaker. constuction has commenced as of 4/18/02. This site will be a small refuge for the weary souls who wish to uncover the truth and mystery that luks within the SoulTaker. enjoy your stay and please come back to us.

Date No otaku is proud to be the first American fan page for SoulTaker!

Here are some links to help you uncover the mystery and insanity of one of the most underrated anime series there is:

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Roomates: Characters of SoulTakerMeet the stable and not so stable residents of Date No Otaku
Chibi Hime's Magic Shoppe
Flickers: Learn the fragments of Runa's soul
Ink Blots (Gallery) Episodes

Still in the works

Official SoulTaker DVD Site

Downloadable trailers and other such interesting features. Images here came mostly from this page

Food loving Mystery Man, grass chewer, and all around bad ass.

Official Japanese SoulTaker Goodness!


Behold! the power of the SoulTaker! BwAAAHAAAHAAAAaaaAAAa

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