Believe It: An Otto Octavius Shrine

BELIEVE IT: An Otto Ocatavius Shrine

Ah! True Believers! It appears you too hav stumbled upon the humble lair of Dr. Otto Octavius (AKA the Nefarious Doctor Octopus ((AKA AGAIN DOC OCK!))) Brilliance warped by technology and tragedy, pushed into desparation and discovery. The truth is not as always as clear as we;d like to belive and sometimes those little voices in your head lie. Either way, the path you choose must be your own, even if it means forsaking your dreams...

Case File-All the info according to Spider-Man 2 an d ME! Not Done!
Daily Bugle's Portfolio-So you to can oggle Otto!
An Octopus' Garden-Behind every great man...
Reality Bytes-Quick blurb on Alfred Molina! Not Done
Fusion Confusion-So, was Doc Ock's experiment possible or what?Not Done
Other Laboratories-Octavius Linkage!

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