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Who? Alright, I've always known who this guy was, well, since I was about twelve I've known who he was. But I was positive I'd never, EVER think he was hot, or even cute. COME ON! Have you seen the "classic" image of the Sub-Mariner? Ugh! Built guy in green speedos with Yusuke hair and Spock ears! Eeeuughhh, that's not sexy. <((*_*))>

However, Marvel decided to do a young version of Namor in the upcoming Tsunami line. Along with that came this design. Thank You, God. ^.^ Thou hast blessed us with another Bishonen worthy of glomping! AhhhOooga! heheheheh!

So who is he? Well, after Atlantis sunk, some underwater beings found it and set up house there, can't blame them. When rubble from a ship falls down and damages Atlantis, the king sends his daughter to investigate. Long story short-she falls in love with a boat captain and marries him and guess what? She gets pregnant! Meanwhile, her Daddy sends a rescue party to yeah, how did you know? rescue her. They take her back to Atlantis where she gives birth to Namor here.

So, essentially, he's a human, fish person half-breed. He can breathe underwater (thanks to those Kawaii little gills in his neck ^_^) as well as live on land. on land and is known for being a playboy(OooooOOoo). Plus, he has cute little wings on his feet! <((~_*))> How you get those from a human and a fish person, I'll never understand. You all know I dig freaks, so this guy is definitely worthy of my notice. I seriously can't wait until this comic comes out! I'm now counting down the days till, ummm sometime in April!

Did you ever notice that freaks have all the perks? Honestly, half breeds always get the best deal-Namor can breathe air and water, Inu Yasha has those nice little ears, Hiei has an origin that just sounds cool (ice/fire demon hybrid), Gohan can reach a Super Saiyan level as a child! My Gosh!

Also, Namor's new attire is quite breathetaking (no pun intended). Something about tribal jewelery and that regal looking sash/skirt thing. (A little help here? Its not a kilt, so what is it called? A wrap?)

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Isn't that chick lucky? LOL

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