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Why T3 Isn't Canon

By Chibi Hime

Okay. Allow me to convey this fact to you before you peruse this article any further. I love the Terminator. Model 101 to be exact. I have been a fan of the first two movies for years...YEARS! Alright, I'll admit, I'm not that old and I was probably too young to watch them when I did, but damn! I love them cybernetic organisms! To me, that scene from T2 when the Endoskeleton has its face torn off by the endless thrashings of the T-1000 is one of the most heartwrenching things I've seen n action cinema. (Other moments as such include 101 being impaled and dying to save the future) It also revealed the wizardry of stan Winson to make a living thing look like a machine and be amazingly convincing of it. I totally beleived that there was an Endoskeleton under Arnie's skin when I was watching these.

Which brings me to T3 (you knew I was going to get there sometime, right?). Since the Terminator franchise is so near and dear to me (yep, I've got a poster in my closet, a figure on my shelf,the McFarlane Movie Maniacs one, a tank top, a pleather jacket, boundless love, extc. and I've had my eye on the mini lunch box filed with creme cookies), I just had to check out this "T3" film. Well, I'm not going to bash and I'm not going to praise. I'm going to point things out that detatch it from the canon Terminator universe. I'm going to make observations and give tips on why this could be better and why it isn't every T-Fan's cup of Tea.

I don't for a minute believe that this is canon universe. Why?
1.When John encunters the Terminator in T3, he tries to get the machine to recall the events of T2. But the original endoskeleton was destroyed at the end of T2. This being so, it couldn't possibly be the same unit. Either John Connor has been smoking too many joints or this is not the James Cameron T-universe, even a high chool dropout isn't that stupid. Thus, to believe this, the second endoskeleton was not destroyed at the end of T2, creating an alternate universe. also, this seems to be enforced when while attempting to steal a car, the T-150 demonstrates that he has some of the knowledge accquire dby the 101 from T2 when he pulls the miror down in search of keys. He also has an attraction to country bars. 2. John Connor is reminded of making out with his future spouse Katherine Brewster. First of all, I don't know too many twelve year olds who makeout withmembers of the opposite sex, especially well to do girls with no account delinquint boys and vice versa. Sorry, no in the real world. That being said, what could have made T3 better?
1. James Cameron(this flick needs more emotion, this guy will give it too you). 2. Edward Furlong (I MISSED HIM! He kicked so much ass in T2! That new John Connor sucks! He can't act , he's a loser...and...and I hate his hair. Furlong could act well, was actually good at being a delinquint and his hair was coool!) 3. An Ending. Yeah, one of hose would be nice.
What was cool in T3?
1.Arnold Schwarzenegger 2. T-150-He's an assasination model with his learning computer chip turned OFF baby! He doesn't want to be human and would enjoy shooting every last one of them is he wasn't reprogrammed. He's obviously the most badass of the terminators, save for the original. 3. T-X-A girl terminator is going to kick ass no matter what, but this one is a great design. She combines the best of T-1000 witht he endoskeletons, so she actually improves on her predecessors! She has the disguise power of T-1000 and the determination of the 101 model, as seen in the homage to the original when, legless, she crawls after John. 4. Watching the military testing HKs and Terminators. This is cool. Very Deja Vu.
Well, that's that.
An observation for fans by a fan!
Go see T3 if you're into AU style films.
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