Chibi Hime

I am Who?

Who is Chibi Hime?

Name: Chibi Hime(Here,, Invader_hime(Livejournal), VerandiDarkstar(Gaia Online), and Claire (Real Life)
Occupation: Student(College)
Major: Composition and Popular Culture (A Self Designed Major)
Hobbies: Anime, Snorkeling, Web Design, bleaching my hair platinum blonde, Drawing, Film, Computer,Reading and my personal favorite: Writing!
Hates: Green Peppers, elitist Liberals (you all know them, even their fellow Liberals despise these arrogant fiends), Double Standard Democrats (same as before), arrogant know it alls, terrorists, Bill Clinton (I just don't like the man), raw tomatoes (but love ketchup), drinks where there's more ice than pop, lame movie endings, Alan Colmes' hypnotic forehead, small, bratty children, pissy people of all kinds, and group projects.

Chibi Hime Loves:

Loves: Jalapenos, George W. Bush, Writing, web design, asian cuisine,Being a Conservative, diet pepsi, Bill O'Reilly, chocolate, Jesus (he's my pal!),stuffed animals, My MAC!, action figures, my self defence class, final fantasy games, dvds, narrating home movies, the ocean, my yellow security blanket I still sleep with, fish (both the animal and the meat), Animation, comics, art, Walt Disney, Don Bluth, Vincent Valentine, my Catbus Plush, dragons, chopsticks, Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, The book Coyote Blue-it is hilarious!, My family, my spider-man pillowcase, Being a Republican, Toyfare magazine (Mego Spidey!), music (Gorillaz, Creed, Goo Goo Dolls, anime and classical), Universal Monster Movies (Go Gillman!) The Simpsons, Invader Zim, The Nightmare Before Christmas, My film history class, my comp 1 class, JCA (Hsi Wu......Oh! Tso Lan, Uncle and Finn too, hee hee!<((~_*))>), costumes, Miyazaki, reviews, Fan Fiction in general, interesting people, Skeletor, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Adam west (he was the celebrity who was nicest to me at Motor City Comic Con in 2001!) Spider-Man (every incarnation), Nightcrawler from X-Men, Harley Quinn, My huge Inu Yasha plush, my PS2, the internet, The Phantom of the Opera, Erik the Phantom, Vash the Stampede, My Monster in the Text course, and my iPod.

I am Chibi Hime/Invader_hime/VerandiDarkstar/Claire, the self-proclaimed pop culture diva. I'm a short little bottle blonde college nerd. I enjoy everything above and hate everything above according to whichever section its under. According to the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a Boar (but I don't have heat vision eyes :( ). I'm a Scorpio on the other zodiac. My element is water and my planet is pluto (the planet of transformation<(~_*))> or so says Astrology for Dummies, lol) I'm a Christian who thinks for myself and does not blindly follow what others say to be absolute(I don't understand the universe and I don't pretend that I do, God gave me a mind and I'm going to use it, Damn it!). My journey of faith led me here, where your's leads you, that's your business and I have no right to tell you what's right for you, only you know that. Go you! Maybe I'll see you on the other side some day. Then let's exchange stories on how we got there.

I'm very impatient, demmanding and passionate about things I love. But I'm also very relaxed and quite unorganized. <((*_*))>

quite a contradiction, eh?

Do I believe in:
God: Yes
Monsters: Yes, Cryptozoology is fascinating.
Various other spiritual entities: Like I said, I don't understand the universe, so sure.
Life After Death: Yes, though I have no idea what it entails.
Reincarnation: Yes

well, that's all I can think of right now, so enjoy some of my bizarre tinkerings:
Magic Shoppe!

Things Chibi Hime Screams About