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Olympus Island MUSH differs from other MU* in a few ways. Staff are usually with the players, most of the adminning is done in the open, and their PCs are not hidden. Players are given "playernames", and the age and gender of the player is known. We feel it creates better bonds between players and between players and staff. We will always be understaffed, so many of the rooms are desced to give the player information. Since it is a text-based game, we don't feel that asking players to read is unreasonable. Staff's priorities are apps and plots, not so much with newbie helping. This shows in the fact that, in the first 17 months of the game, 50 plots were run and finished. While it's our hope that people like the game and be happy, our first duty is to the game itself.

We also offer Basic (Free) accounts and Premium. To purchase a Premium MUSH account for $10, go HERE port 1960 port 1960 Email Ellis