The Lost Years

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Olympus Island is a module run at GenCon which uses Herogames 5th Edition Rules and takes place on an artificial island created by a supervillain during World War 2. The modules take place between 1983 and 2001, also known as "The Lost Years" because it was the time when many metahumans stayed out of the limelight, following El Aguila's takeover of Assento Do Diabo. Staying quiet did not mean letting evil have its way, however, and the island's supers still fought crime. Be a superhero and fight for justice on Olympus Island. 2003

The Lost Years Characters

Downloadable XLS sheets for Excel or Open Office

Character Name Archetype
Bastion Brick
Blink Blaster
Core Lava Brick
Dragonstaff Martial Artist
Hellcat Martial Artist
Jigsaw Gadgeteer with VPP
Maestro Insect Controller with VPP
Phoenix Blaster

Olympus Island MUSH has 0 Carbs and also has its own CafePress Store: Olympus Island Gift Shop

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