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* October 10, 2006

The MUSH has been sold to Wyrdon Games LLC, and now will offer a Basic (Free) account and Premium (Paid) accounts. The paid accounts will get each player an extra login, and a spot in the Beta test of the MMORPG being created.

The GenCon modules of Olympus Island: The Lost Years remain popular. We had two filled tables this year.

Current plans include turning Olympus Island into a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, complete with graphics. Expected to be finished in 2011.

* January 1, 2006

Everything on the MUSH functions as it should, and 69 total plots have been run since inception.

In 2005, we began to run "Olympus Island: The Lost Years" at GenCon Indy. In those modules, we visit the island when metahuman activity was driven more underground and out of the limelight.

Current plans include turning Olympus Island into a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, complete with graphics.


* June 14th, 2004

We are now open for the public, and have started advertising. The webpage and RP logs are undone. The NPC system is still slow and chunky, but workable.

Alpha Testing

* December 31st, 2003

One year has now passed. We weathered all sorts of trials and tribulations. Good players, bad players, active and inactive. The Apps Process is painful, but quick. Between the Tourist Tunnels and the Apps, it works as a filter to ensure that certain player types gain entrance to play. This saves me the shock and trouble of kicking people off, later. True Alpha ends.

* October 11th, 2003

The routers for the MU* are being slow. Any players connecting and reading this, if you can't get into OIM, go to ChampionsMUSH. cm2051.dune.net port 6363.

* August 1st, 2003

Phase 2 of Alpha is complete. Final phase deals with more RP issues, +PLOTS, +LIST, handling teams, handling bases and other code/system issues and finalizing the files for Beta. Some building will continue.

* July 17th, 2003

Brief bit of anxiety, as Betterbox let the CS1 harddrive get too full. If the service on Betterbox continues to be like this, I may move us for Beta.

* May 27th, 2003

Something I expected for a while has happened. Kevlyn is no longer the site maintainer, and the account has been moved. It went without a hitch, so far, and I think we can keep the 1960 port on the CS1 server. Some code broke with the removal of Kevlyn as WIZ, but it was fixed.

* May 16th, 2003

Phase 1 of Alpha has ended. The main Chargen rules and code was finished, as were many House Rules. Plots were, and still are, being run. Momentum has started to build in the active players. Another exciting thing: Worldfeel has begun. Everything is gelling into place, albeit slowly.

Phase 2 will deal mainly with trying to become more efficient, and in running through the plots that are needed for Theme. Phase 3 is expected to be the time when we prepare new staff and also do the last 2 plots, which lead into Beta.

* Old News

Phase 1 was a rough ride for everyone. Code, errata, house rules being created, theme being made, and the awkward how to begin. The MUSH survived a sudden need to move servers.

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