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"Il Sovrano, evil genius, wanted to destroy Earth, made an island, fell down hole in island, we moved onto island. "

(Condensed MUSH Theme as told by Lookout)

Olympus Island MUSH uses Herogames 5th Edition Rules and takes place on an artificial island created by a supervillain during World War 2. It's now almost 60 years later, and the island is a hotbed of metahuman and criminal activity. Be a superhero and fight for justice on Olympus Island. 2003

We offer Basic (Free) accounts and Premium. To purchase a Premium MUSH account for $10, go HERE

Olympus Island MUSH has 0 Carbs and also has its own CafePress Store: Olympus Island Gift Shop

In case of the game being down, Olympus Island MUSH also has an embassy at: OGRMUSH.COM port 6700

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oim.wolfpaw.net port 1960 port 1960 Email Ellis
Last Update: October 10, 2006