Help: Newbie Guide: What is a MUSH?

What is a MUSH?

A MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination. It means that several players get together and act out their characters, in real-time, via text.

It differs from a tabletop (pen and paper) game in the following way. The server runs all the time, so people can be playing at any hour, whether it's social roleplay or combats and plots. This means that there is not always a GM to answer questions and guide things. There are several staff who run the MUSH, and players are allowed to run scenes as well.

It differs from Play By Email or Play By Post in that scenes are sometimes scheduled, or sometimes not scheduled, but all are run in real-time, when as many players are around as possible. You may or may not miss scenes.

It differs from a computer game in that you are playing with many other people.

It differs from an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) in that there is only text, no graphics or sound. The main goal in a MUSH is the storyline and the interaction between characters, not leveling or killing or getting loot.

The staff and other players submit stories and plots, and those are then run, with other players in them. During the times no combats are happening, many players enjoy roleplaying their characters in social activities.

Many players find it a fun thing to do. If this sounds like fun, you are ready for the next step below.

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