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    My Favorite (chess) Endings    

 ( or ... "A.J.'s  END-GAME SCHOOL."

(On Angel-Fire) 

This is my   (A.J. Goldsby I)   endgame list. Come back often!  

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  This site only uses and distributes  ChessBase  files!!  

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June, 2003:  After dozens - if not hundreds, LOL - of complaints about the color scheme, I decided to change it. 

 'Endgames 101' 

My plan for this particular section of this site is to turn it into ... 
a "basic school" for aspiring Masters on   THE ENDGAME!! 

  ( I am starting with Rook-and-Pawn End-games first.)  

 { Later I plan on adding some pretty composed end-game studies. } 


  I began creating this project - on the Internet - in November, 2001.  

The book I use ... and teach all my students the endgame from? 

   "Winning Chess Endings," by GM Yasser Seirawan.   

(All students of the end-game should get this book!!!) 

    How to get better     

   A good question I get all the time is, "How do I improve?" This is a fair question and seems to be on the minds of nearly every young chess-player. (And not just young ones, either.) Well, the first thing you need to do is to make a  commitment  to get better. If you wanted to be the world's best tennis player, you should take lessons, read books on tennis, watch tennis on television, and hit a tennis ball nearly every waking hour. If you wanted to be the best golfer, you would follow a similar program. If you wanted to be the world's best card player, you should study, play with cards all the time, read books on cards; ... by now you should be getting the idea. The same thing applies to getting better at chess.  

(See my  Geo-Cities  web-page(s)  for more details, ESPECIALLY my  "Chess Training Page.") !!!  


   So, if you really want to get better at chess - you have to study. No big secret there ... it doesn't exactly take a rocket-scientist to figure that out! But the real $64 question is: "What do I study?" This is the key!  So if you stink at Rook-and-Pawn endings, then you need to study them, right?  RIGHT!! I have a philosophy about Rook and Pawn End-games. (And all end-games in general.) 

    You only really need to work really hard and study basically THREE things:  
   # 1.)  The basic positions that are the fundamental building blocks of all R+P end-games. 
            (If you know this stuff, then you should know the correct way to play these types of endings. 
              If you don't, you won't. Its as simple as that.) 
   # 2.)  Know the basic PRINCIPLES and IDEAS of these types of endings. 
            (And know the REASONS ... why these basic principles and ideas work!!) 
            Like: A Rook should go to the 7th rank; or A Rook belongs BEHIND Passed 
or King activity is VERY important in most R+P endings. That kind of stuff. 
            This sounds simplistic, but when you have absorbed enough of these ideas in 
            your studies, you will not be lost when playing an actual game. 
   # 3.)  Study ACTUAL  Master  games  - - -  to see how they handled the ending.
            (I truly believe this method is one if the very best, and just simply the best way to learn. 
             In the same way that if you wanted to be a race car driver you have to both drive, and ...  
             observe how the PRO's do it!!!)  

 So study, study, study. And here you should have ALL the fundamentals to making you a better end-game player!!! (And please remember this is a work in progress, as I finish one section, I will move on to another. I eventually plan on having as many endings here as I have the storage room to hold. So hang on to your hats and check back often.) 

 I also believe in, "The Building-Block Method." What I mean by this is that if you TRULY want to Master chess, you should FIRST master simple positions ... before tackling more complex ones! 

And make sure you visit my chess web page(s) in Geo-Cities. And especially my web page on my "Chess Training Program."  This page has LOTS of good info ... how to make a commitment to improve, how to set up an effective chess training program, what to study and what NOT to study, how to build your first initial chess library with only 5-10 books, and dozens and dozens of valuable chess training tips and ideas. Please check it out!! Thanks!  Please come back!  And tell your friends! 

  Important Message  

Feb. 16th, 2003:  After several straight computer crashes, I am finally back on line. (Apparently Windows '98 died on me. I had to upgrade to Windows XP.) Many of you sent me material, questions, endgames, etc. Thanks to the computer crashes, much of this information is ... GONE!!  If you would like to re-send it, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I will not be able to retrieve this information. 


(Interregnum) About 6-8 months ago, one hard drive failed. (I lost a lot of info then as well.) 


Jun. 05th, 2004:  I had another fairly bad crash/computer failure. (About 2 weeks ago.) 
Actually the (old) CD-ROM went out on me, and I had to completely upgrade my whole system. 
Basically, its a new computer. 

THE DETAILS?  Here goes: A brand-new ANTEC case; 550-watt, Antec power supply, (ATX, 12V); new motherboard; new INTEL 3.4 GHz processor, (No more AMD processors for me, thank you very much!); Six (6)  256-MB RAM sticks; new 120-GB Hard Drive; new SVGA video card, with 132 MB of RAM on the card itself; new DVD Player; etc. Basically everything is new ... the only thing(s) I kept out of the old box was two (2) Hard Drives, one (1) Floppy Drive, and the modem. (The modem was relatively new, a U.S. Robotics V.92, 56K Fax-Modem PCI for Windows, {USR-5699B}; that I purchased just last year when Windows '98 failed on me.) I also got a kicking Logitech sound system, many speakers plus a giant sub-woofer. So now I have a pretty decent system ... after years of suffering with the old one and just making due. (I am also running Windows XP as well.) 

What does this mean to you? Well, for one thing - it shows I am dedicated enough to purchase a viable system, in order to be able to bring you the very best pages. It is also a "Good News / Bad News" story. The good news is a I have a new system, the bad news is (AGAIN!) ... a lot of data was lost, some of the files on the old hard drive were partially corrupted. Fortunately, all my critical chess databases and many of my other key files were backed up on CD-ROM's or on (1.44 MB) Floppy Disks. BUT ... enough key information was lost to set me back about six months to a year. 

One more ... I ask for your indulgence and patience. All those kind people who sent me hundreds of files last year after my last big crash ... please re-send any material that you would like to see here. Otherwise, I will not be able to recreate it. (THANKS!!) 

 --->  Click  here  to go to the list of articles that I plan on doing for   "CV-Chess."     
              (Some very basic endings will be covered as well.)   

  --->  SIMPLE MATES:  "King-plus-Queen  vs. a lone King" click  here.  "King-plus-Rook  vs. a lone King" click  here.  

   My  endgame list  here on Angel-Fire/games4/lifemasteraj.     

    King-and-Pawn Endings:   

(See my  Geo-Cities  web-page  on   "Basic Endgame Lessons & Challenges"  ... 
 until I get more endings posted to this page. There are several examples basic K+P endings 
 there! When I finish with the R+P section, this will be the next section I begin to work on.) 

There are also several nice K+P endgames on this page as well.   

    Rook-and-Pawn Endings:   

(The list below will - obviously - take some time to complete. Hopefully the first few examples 
  will whet your appetite. Jan. 05, 2002: ALL  the basic R+P endings are now in place!!!) 


      ( The above 2 endings are SO GOOD, you should study them over, and over, and  over  again!!! )


  ( I have changed the numbering of some of these positions. {As the way they were originally numbered 
    on my computer.}  For example, I have over 70 examples in just one of my Rook-and-Pawn databases, 
    and I have like 7 db's devoted to nothing but R+P endings! What I have decided to do is only bring you 
    the positions that I believe are FUNDAMENTAL to R+P end-game knowledge! I also combined some. 
    The one that touches on  both the Philidor  and  the Lucena  is actually about    8 different studies   
    that are all rolled into one. {MY R+P School, Position # 2.} ) 



As most of my students know, I have three large databases dedicated to R+P endings.  (One is for beginners, one 
is for intermediate students, and one is for advanced.)  Now you can  DOWNLOAD  my complete database for 
advanced students. Most of these are complete games!!  (The database is UN-annotated. Many of the games were 
annotated in the original ChessBase files, and I did not wish to violate anyone's copyright. The database is a ... 
"star-dot-CBV"  file, and it has also been zipped as well. Study these endgames as exercises ... and get better!!)   


I have many books on R+P endings. But about 25 years ago, there was a little book printed ... 
only about 60-70 pages long. It was called  "Practical Rook Endings,"  by  GM Edmar Mednis

It is worth its weight in gold - and would be a great book to study all the way through ... if you can still find a copy. 

   (June, 2002: I have slowly begun the job of building files inside "ChessBase" for different endings. I already
    have earmarked at least a dozen interesting games that I may include in the Knight and Pawn section of the 
    endgame course. But be warned! I worked on the R+P section for nearly two years before I felt I had 
    enough material to begin building web pages.) 


     Bishop-and-Pawn Endings:  


     Knight-and-Pawn Endings:    


     Queen-and-Pawn Endings:    

      [ There is at least one basic  Q+P endgame  analyzed on my big Geo-Cities web site. ]  

      Special Endings & End-Games:    

       An article on the whole field of Q+K vs. K+R endings.   (Over-view.) 

       ( Don't  get excited if a link does not work, it simply means I have not completed that page yet!! )  

 NOTE:  A good piece of advice for these re-play boards, especially if you encounter ANY problems. 
 # 1.)  "Re-load" or "refresh"  the page!! (Often. 2-3 times, or more.)  
 # 2.)   Press the "End" button underneath the js-board. Then play BACKWARDS through the game, one move at a time! 
           Then you can press the "Forward" button and play through the game as normal!  
Good advice!!   (Sometimes just pressing the "start," then the "end" then the "start" button works too.)  

  If you liked these endings ....   

 Of course, you should visit my GEO-CITIES web-site (web page) on ... 
  "Basic Endgames Lessons & Challenges."  


 And you should also visit my GEO-CITIES web-site (web page) on ...
  "The LUCENA Position." 


 I also have a page on my  Geo-Cities  web-site,  completely devoted to 
  "Chess Problems,"
  and,  "Composed End-game Studies."   
   Click  HERE  to go there now!! 

Click here to return to my home-page, here. 

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( Or ... use the back button on your web-browser.  See  the list on my home page for more links. ) 

I had the idea of creating a "Endgame School" on the Internet, many years ago. But then my skills were not up to the task. I began preparing my endgame files for this task shortly after I created my first web-site in the early to mid-nineties. I began seriously overhauling these files again in the spring of 2001. I  'dropped the ball'  for a while, only to resume work again in the fall of 2001. After many months (years) of work, I 
actually began creating web pages in Nov./Dec. of  2001.  This section will  NEVER  be finished ... every time I see or play an instructive ending, I will be temped to add another page! I hope you enjoy all the results and the fruits of all my hard work. Please visit my other web pages also! Thanks!!! (01/04/02)  

    I now have all  the basic endings posted  ... that form the foundation of my R+P end-game school. (01/18/02)   

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Thanks for stopping by, check back often!!  

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