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  Dvoretsky looks at the ending of <K+Q vs. K+R

 Starting Position 

 8/8/8/2K5/5r2/4k3/8/Q7  (speg_dvor-Qvr01_pos01.gif, 07 KB)

 Any player (2200) - A.O. player (2200) 
 Endgame Manual - Chapter # 13; page # 248 
   Pensacola, FL; (2) / 20,06,2005.   



(White wins in all lines. ) 

This is from the (new) book ... "Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual," by IM Mark Dvoretsky. (2003) 

The starting position is Diagram # 13-3, Chapter # 13, page # 248. It is {strangely} Black to move in the position given just above. 
(White: King on the c5-square, WQ on a1;  Black: King on the e3-square, BR on f4.)  


 1...Rf8!?;  (Probably - '?!')   
Maybe not the best move ... which is probably why Dvoretsky awards the '!?' appellation.  

Fritz 8.0 (Championship Edition) recommends 1...Rf5+; while the program, "Tablebase 3.2" which manages the new 
(5-disk DVD) set of the NALIMOV TABLE-BASES; recommends that Black play (instead) 1...Kd3. ('!') 

     [ The best continuation probably is: 
        >/=  1...Kd3!2.Qb1+ Ke23.Qc2+ Ke34.Kd5 Rg4;      
                5.Qc3+ Kf26.Qd3 Rh47.Qd1!
,  ("+/-")  {Diag?}    
        when the best Black can do is to get mated in 21 more moves. ]   


 2.Qd4+! Ke2;  3.Qg4+ Ke3;  4.Qe6+ Kf3;  5.Kd4! Rd8+;  6.Kc3!,  (best)    
{Reaching} A modified form of  ... ... ...  "The Goldsby Position."   

     [ 6.Ke5!? ]  


 6...Rf8[];  (forced)    
Black had to meet the threat of 7.Qf6+, forking the two Black pieces and winning the Black Rook. 


 7.Qc6+! Kg4!?;  8.Qg6+ Kf3;  9.Qh5+! Kg3;  10.Kd3 Rf3+;  11.Ke4!?,   (hmmm)     
This is OK ... but according to the computer ... it might add a move to the overall solution.   

     [ >/=  11.Ke2!, "+/-" ]  


 11...Rf4+;  12.Ke3 Rg4;  13.Qe5+ Kg2;  14.Ke2!,  (Z)   {See the diagram given - just below.}      
This excellent play helps - in a big way - to run Black out of moves. 


 8/8/8/4Q3/6r1/8/4K1k1/8  (speg_dvor-Qvr01_pos02.gif, 07 KB)



Control of key squares, Tempo and Zugzwang ... are a few of the weapons that White must use to win this endgame. 

     [ Not as effective is: 14.Qf5!? ]   


This is pretty much forced. 

     [ Of course Black cannot play:  
        </= 14...Ra4?; ('??')  15.Qd5+ Kg316.Qb3+,  "+/-"  
        wins the Black Rook. ]  


 15.Qh5! Kg1?;  (hmmm)    
This is clearly bad ... and shortens the solution by one or two moves.   


     [ White can reach ... "The Goldsby Position,"  and win with the (most) efficient:   
        >/=  15...Ra3!16.Qd5+! Kh317.Kf2!,  ("+/-")   {Diagram?}     
        when Black is mated in around 10-11 moves ... at the very most. ]   


 16.Qd5, (Zugzwang again.)  ('!')    {Diagram?} 
"Quiet moves that limit the mobility of the enemy pieces or create a zugzwang situation   
  are often much more effective than checks."   - IM Mark Dvoretsky   


     [ One student chose:  </=  16.Qb5?{D?}   for White in this position.  
        (White still wins, but this move adds many moves to the solution.)  ]   


The rest of these moves require no comment ... and are probably best play (for both sides).   
 16...Rg6;  17.Qd4+ Kh2;  18.Qf4+ Kg1;  19.Kf3 Rg2;  20.Qh4!,  ("+/-")     
White has reached ... "The Philidor Position," which is a win for the stronger side.   

Trainer Dvoretsky obviously used a computer to find these moves ... 
most of the plays in this analysis are completely unlike anything that a human would be likely to play. 


  Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 2005.  All rights reserved.  



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