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Internet Guide to the Best of the Kids & Family Sites

Internet Guide to the Best of the Kids & Family E-Zine Articles


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Billy Bear

The Site that Makes Computers Fun for Kids, Parents & Teachers.
Boowa and Kwala

Children's music plus great illustrated stories. A preschool activity center with over 800 games for kids aged up to six. Our children's music will entertain the older kids too. Boowa and Kwala's site is great for kids who want to play fun interactive games. Perfect for younger children (kindergarten/preschool).
Chateau Meddybemps

Where jelly beans ripen under tropical rainbows.  Uncommon amusements for grown-ups and children.
Disney Playhouse

Help Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy get snow from the mountain down to the clubhouse on the Choo Choo Express.
Enchanted Learning

Preschool Activities - Enchanted Learning Software creates children's educational software games designed to stimulate creativity, learning, enjoyment, and imagination. Our new game, Busy Little Brains, is for children 2-6 years old.

List of all online preschool educational games and activities from Fisher-Price. Your preschooler will love to play and love to learn with these free online educational games and activities.

Fun and educational games and activities for Kids.
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow

Preschool, daycare, pre-k and kindergarten activities with developmentally appropriate lesson plans, themes and curriculum resources for teachers. Plus home learning ideas for parents and preschool children.
The Idea Box

Kids crafts, games, recipes & activities for early childhood education.
Kids Psych

Games for kids of ages 1-5 and 6-9 and information for parents.
Learning Planet

Games and activities for students from Pre-K, Grades 1-3, grades 4-6 and grade 7 & up.
Nick Jr.

Find preschool activities & preschool kids games for your preschooler & children featuring Dora, Diego, & more.
Otto's Playground

Visit Otto's playland where you can find games & activities including Helmet Hangout, Village, Fun House, Lighthouse, Garage, Pinky Moo, Beltway, Store & Activity Book.
Playskool Kids

Hasbro Playskool Kid is all about discovering fun! It is a safe, exciting place for Preschoolers to play online.  For parents, Play Stats give you an inside look on the characters & activities your child likes playing with most on Hasbro Playskool Kids.
Preschool Activities

Preschool activities and games for parents and teachers to do with their children. Browse hundreds of free, fun, and educational preschool activities sorted by subject.
Preschool Activity Box

Free preschool activites for parents, homeschooling, and daycare providers. Develop preschool skills through various fun learning activities.
Preschool and Kindergarten

Interactive and animated preschool and kindergarten activities on shapes, colors, animals, numbers, alphabet and more. Colorful and fun for kids, with sound.
Preschool Express

Preschool Express - early childhood education site for preschool themes, curriculum ideas, and toddler activities - language, art, games, songs, crafts, printable patterns, and school supplies - written by Jean Warren for teachers and parents of preschool, day care, kindergarten, and home school to develop lesson plans.
Preschool Games (for PK-2)

Free Preschool Games and Interactive Activities from
Preschool Learning Games

Learning Games for Kids - Education is part of life. It should be fun and challenging... not boring. Learn while you play games!
World of Peter Rabbit

Visit the Official Peter Rabbit website to discover all about Beatrix Potter and her work. Play games, download free activities, get the latest news and shop for Peter Rabbit books and gifts.
ZOOM with Little Kids

Preschool activities including arts & crafts, games, recipes and science.
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By Carolyn Joana

Breakfast is usually the time when you're busiest - what with packing your kids off to school, looking after the house and rushing to work too. Often moms give a ready-to-serve breakfast with sweet cereals and cereal bars which do not have much of a nutrition profile to boast of.  Read more...
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