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Spelling Concentration Game
By Jessica Gerald
Remember the old "Concentration" game show on television? If you are a baby boomer, you probably watched it. Here is a spelling game that your child can play that is based on the same concept. This game is for two players.


Colored index cards - a different color for each player

Markers or crayons


1. Used colored index cards. Each player picks one color. They write their spelling words on the cards, one word per card.

2. They each shuffle their own cards and lay them out, face down, in front of them. For example, if they have twenty spelling words, they could lay them down in four rows of five.

3. The first player turns over one of his cards and one of the opponent's cards. If they match, he keeps both cards, lays them to the side, and picks again. He may keep picking cards as long as he gets a match.

4. When the player picks two cards that do not match, he must put them back, face down, in the exact location in which he found them. Now it is the opponent's turn.

5. Play continues in this way until all the cards are used up. The players count their cards, and the one with the most cards is the winner.

If you are a teacher, this is a fun game to play in the classroom. It keeps the children occupied, because they don't have to wait a long time for their turn, as in some whole-class games.

If you are a home-school mother or are looking for a way to review spelling words with your child, you could play this game with him or her.

Jessica Gerald has been teaching elementary school for over thirty years. She is the publisher of the website

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