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Christmas Soap Making

By Jennifer Christine
Since Christmas is almost here, what could be a better gift than Christmas themed hand made soap to give to family and friends?

My family and friends always look forward to the hand made soap gifts I give them each year. Hand made soap is a practical as well as a thoughtful gift. The recipient knows you thought about them while you took the time to make their soap. And everyone uses soap! If you’re short on cash, hand made soap can also be an economical gift (although mine look fancy and luxurious).

I buy a pretty, inexpensive gift box from a dollar store, line it with white tissue paper and nestle the soaps inside. Then I cover them up with more tissue paper, place the lid on top and carefully wrap it with attractive Christmas paper. Then I attach a charming (and charmingly cheap) bow on top and a cute gift tag.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what kind of Christmas themed soap to make, you can always check out Lush off or online. They have a wonderful array of Christmas themed soaps and bath bombs (they have all kinds of soaps all year round) that might inspire you. For example, Bling Crosby Bubble Bar, Candy Cane Bubble Bar or Rock Star Soap.

If you wanted to make a Bling Crosby style soap, you’d need some glitter, soap color and soap fragrance. Why not give it your own name, eg Bling Mary if your name is Mary?

What about using a holly or mistletoe mold and coloring the soap green? Or pretty little star shaped soaps. Or Christmas pudding shaped soaps that have been colored to look like a Christmas pudding. Or gingerbread men, with a wonderful gingerbread scent and color, in delightful gingerbread molds. Almost anything is possible in the wonderful world of soap making!

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