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Making Exercise A Fun Game For Kids
By Victor Epand
Most of today's kids are suffering from obesity and the rate is growing day by day. The problem arrives from the fact of not having physical exercise in children. Today most of the kids want to enjoy their spare time by playing video games, watching television, or by reading. Earlier kids had enough exercises which they achieved while playing games like football, baseball, or by even climbing trees.

Active kids are found to be better and fit. An exercise program includes work out for achieving strength and flexibility. The program followed by kids is completely different from the ones followed by grown ups. The main reason for kids hating exercise is that they found it repetitive and boring. For gaining their interest, one has to make the exercise a bit interesting. That can be done by adding fun in the form of games. In other wards some games can be modified by adding more physical activity in it. Initially parents or teachers should organize such games. They have to participate with them in such games. Once they acquire interest, they will invite their friends so that it will be a group activity.

Exercise is a very important activity needed by today's kids as most of them are in active and not enthusiastic. Without having a physical activity will create some many problems later in their life once they cross the age of forty. Changes have to be made in their lifestyle so that they will become more happy and energetic. There is unique factor found in almost all kids and that is there fun loving nature. Child psychologists suggest including the fun factor in all the activities which there are hesitant to do.

Parents have a major role in influencing the kid's nature of interest. If you want your kids to follow a healthy lifestyle you should also practice it. You can change the lifestyle in such a way that kids will start imitating you. For example if you were using elevator instead of stairs your kids will also follow you. But instead if you use the stairs the kids will be happy to follow you and after some they will use the stairs even in your absence.

You should plan the exercise schedule interesting and fun filling so that kids won't stay back in front of the television to watch entertaining serials and shows. You can make it further interesting by doing a group activity with all of your family members so that the kids will be thrilled and amazed. The above strategy can be followed while performing activities like walks, cycling, swimming, biking, etc. Always try not to push your child too much for exercises which will have a negative impact on the kid by loosing interest. Kids should never feel that is a sort of punishment to them.

The children in higher classes at school will get the opportunity to practice soccer, baseball and basket ball. You can also practice the game with your child at home by using the garden space. The kid should feel that you are a participant of the game and not a trainer. These types of games will boost the spirit and energy level of your kid and they will never get lazy to do physical activities.

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