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Back to School Tips for Kids
By Vicky Campbell
Labor Day not only represents a day of rest for the working man, but also reminds us that the fun days of summer... are over. Our children go back to school and our schedules, which were full of fun things to do, are now filled with running here, there and everywhere just to keep up. Everyone, including your children, could use some help getting the craziness into some kind of daily plan. Here are some suggestions to help your children make a not-quite-so-hectic return to the busyness of fall.

Parents, the first tip is to get a daily planner for your kids that can read and write. Strongly encourage them to use it to keep track of homework assignments, after school activities and work/chores.

Establish a routine. Make daily "To Do" lists or charts and check them off. All kids need to know what's expected of them. Kids, if you have a study hall or early release, maybe use that time to actually get as much work as you can done so you don't have so much to do later.

Don't procrastinate. Like Nike says, "Just do it!" Doing your homework on the go in the morning is too stressful and usually won't get you a good grade.

Get all your school things ready the night before so you're not running around in the morning looking for things. Besides, if you do, maybe you can sleep in a little bit longer!

By the way, get some sleep! Though we understand that you have a social life along with all of your many other things to do, you'll feel much better and focused being rested each day.

Parents, helping your kids establish good habits now will help them be successful in the future. Not every child is going to be interested in getting their lives organized, some grown ups aren't, but perhaps you can gently persuade them of why it's necessary. Help them set goals and help them reach them. Most of all, be a good example.

Vicky Campbell, owner of Chaos County Organizers, aims to help you organize your world one task at a time. Visit to request your free Info-Pak.

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