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Scribe's Book - Chapter 5
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The Greek War...The First 100 Years

My artists have drawn for me a picture of Greece, and of my landing there in 520BC. The battle has now officially been taken into their lands, and I can only hope that I will emerge victorious, and that my soldiers will return home with heroic tales from which shall be written many new plays and bed-time stories.

For years, my knights will raid the countryside of Greece; I show no mercy to an Empire that is second only to mine, and who still has the ill audacity to reduce Tanis to ruins. The whole of the city had to be re-located some miles to the south, but is now safely guarded and flourishes on coastal trade and fishing. I made my way around Athens, as I knew it would be heavily fortified, and attacked moving armies to the West of the city. I then made my way north, pillaging mines all along the coastal hills as to ciple the Greeks' ability to create more armies to fight off my assault. When my longships told me of a city named Sparta, I moved in for the attack...

As a small interlude, my scribes and would-be diplomats and merchants at home have given me a graph of international powers to date, and I am ranked in first place...but just. Second is the Greeks, and thus it is only natural to be at war...

Back to Sparta, the siege was quick and my success was based mostly on my Knight's ability to kill off Hoplites and even Pikemen that were moving about the countryside. These armies were obviously recalled from the frontier to garrison the cities, but my knights were too fast. I attacked Sparta and was confronted with an army that outnumbered mine 3 to 1; mostly hoplites, archers and cavalry archers that rode into the city to defend it. My initial charge was weak, but my ability to inflict heavy casualties won me the day. In the end, although I'm sure my men wanted to retreat more than once, the city was captured and any Phoenician and Turkish slaves therein were set free.

That year was 480BC, and just 20 years later, a revelation occured in Memphis. We reached a benchmark in cultural, political and economic thought, and thus was born the age or rebirth known as the Renaissance. Architecture changed, and we knew we were no longer living in the dark ages of the past. Egypt has made another mark in the book of ages...which will soon be written in the greatest city ever built; Memphis.

The city of Memphis had all the luxuries you could expect; fine goods, Academies, Theaters, Arenas, Basilicas, and all the rest. Its population was seconded only by Athens...which I hoped would soon be mine.

A few years later, Sparta rejoices the emancipation of its slaves, and the mighty city began to raise armies to fight off the opression of the Greeks. They had never been truely loyal to Greece, but were ready to give their loyalty to me now. I know that one day, all the rest of the world shall do the same...

The new Fire Triremes will fight off the Greek sea assaults, and block any invasion attempt on Egypt. My knights will continue across the countryside, and my next target shall be Upper Greece, and the unknown to the north. I shall create archers and pikemen to secure Sparta, and construction of the greatest city walls is lined up for the near future. At home, new modern armies are being created, and catapults amass at Alexandria to be transported to Greece. My scientists are hard at work finding better ways of sea faring, and a new ship called a Caravel will soon be unvailed; they tell me that it can transport many more armies across the Mediterranean faster than any vessel to date.

I honestly cannot wait...All of Greece shall swear allegance to me, or die opposing my massive armies. In the meantime, a new map of the Known World has been released...

...and I can honestly say that I can begin to better understand the importance of Greece's location. The part that interests me the most is Upper or Northern Greece...

What lies there? What kinds of people will I meet travelling north? Who else can I find to aid my war against the Greeks? Who else can I find to oppose me...for truely, those who oppose me are the most interesting people to meet!

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