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Scribe's Book - Chapter 4
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The End of the Northern War..and the Dawn of Another

Luckily for me, Byblos had the man-power to allow the intellectuals to bloom culturally. In an attampt to save the city, I have sent my best play-write to Byblos and he has created a masterpice. The story is known as the Ramayana, and proved the greatest epic to date. I need not tell you how inspired my people were across my lands to the north and to the south alike; Byblos celebrated the opening of the play, as did Memphis. For decades, my people would forget the troubles of the War with Phoenicia.

That is not to say that the war was over...far from it. I was rapidly working on developing a system of land ownership that would create dukes and give them pieces of land over which to rule. This would make my life easier in many more ways than one, and after the completion of this Feudal system, I realized that the dukes and barons became extrememly proficient at warfare, and loyal regiments of Knights could now be raised with advances in metallurgy.

Byblos, around 850BC, was assaulted by the Phoenicians. My offensive did not succede in the past, and so I stuck to defending my lands least until I could get enough Knights to create a strong offensive. The mines around Byblos were pillaged, as were some farms. My city guard was not replenished, as I diverted my attention away from war and into the Ramayana project. This was not the first time that I would gamble, either.

Two strong armies approached Byblos, one from the East and the other, the North. I had to act fast.

Those attacking from the East were bound to rape my farmlands, and those in the north would attack my city. Daringly, I send my city guard to assault the army attacking from the East, and luckily, availed.

For a moment, I was horrified. A terror swept over me, that the city of Byblos was now un-garrasoned and undefended, and a Phoenician army was standing at the walls. I waited in dire anticipation to see what the Phoenicians would do, but the god were happy to me that day. They pirated my trade route, but did not attack the city itself. If they had, not only would Phoenicia have total control of one of the largest cities on the Eastern Coast of the Great Sea, but would control the power of the Ramayana behind the great city walls. My city guard to the East took no rest, and attacked the Phoenicians to the north, against all odds, and won. A new regiment of Hoplites was quickly raised in Byblos, and I now felt the city was secure.

For the next 50 years, I put all of my labour and production to the creation of that great road I might have mentioned earlier. I have founded the city of Tanis between Egypt and Byblos to act as a moderator and watch-tower over the road. The final road would stretch from Memphis to Byblos, and join every city of my mighty empire together. By 750BC, the road was complete.

That same year came the final workings of my scholars towards the Feudal system, and powerful Knights could now also be raised. The first regiment was rush bought at Byblos, and with the new roads, could make their way to within a few days march of Memphis. With this new armada at hand, I offered the Phoenicians one last chance at peace...they refused so I threatened to annihilate the city of Berytus. I knew that I could, in a few turns, take the city. All I needed was two more regiments of Knights and the archers that I already had stationed in Byblos, and the city would fall. The Phoenicians agreed to a cease-fire, and the war was over.

I was not saddened at all, either. The Assyrians and the Phoenicians are now also at peace, and a new Phoenician ruler welcomes peace with our nation. We freely exchanged maps in a sign of great trust. I know that after seeing my Empire en grande, they were very impressed.

Although my home lies in Memphis, my growing favorite city is now Alexandria; the first official Port City on the Great Sea. Fleets of Longships sailed from its ports to chart the great sea, which I have now named the Mediterranean sea, meaning the "mid-world sea".

It was not long before my ships met up with primitive coracles of another empire; the Greeks. They, however, did not welcome peace with us. They landed near Tanis and promptly attacked and burnt the city to the ground. My knights reacted, and the Greeks were driven from our lands. For years, I amassed my armies of Knights, and I now headed for Greece itself to shift the battle to their homelands. I did not know what to expect, or what to find...All I knew was another war was upon us, and I knew not if my people could handle it...I sure hope they can!

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