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Scribe's Book - Chapter 2
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2940BC...Year of Turmoil and beyond

The Hebrew people have pushed my nerves to the limit. Their power grows, and their renown spreads across the world like wildfire. They have built massive walls around Jerusalem, but I know that their civilian guard is no match for my elitest archers; and so the army is dispatched.

The siege of Jerusalem went just as I had hoped. They had built a farm on a near-by river-bed, which I promptly burnt to the ground. Never hesitate to give an enemy a chance at more food (or production, for that matter)...when their stomachs are full, they can fight with the power of many men. The attack was not secret at all; I wanted the whole of the world to know who my first victim would be. The city of Jerusalem, already much larger than Memphis, rioted without adequate food storage, as a year of plenty had just increased their population.

As for the actual siege, not much was planned out. War is still new to my people, and in such a distant land, I do not expect that my men would act civilized. Indeed, when the city was finally attacked, many a civilian who was deemed a traitor or patriot was burned alive in the My honour.

Luckily, at the end of the day, I was overjoyed to hear that, although my detachments were widdled down, not a single one was lost. I am saddened now to take on the burden of such a troublesome city, but the many citizens there now view me as the God that I am, for I now teach them how to farm and build vast fields of wheat so that the city will be, once again, prosperous. I cannot reject, also, the fact that such a city is in great need for Egyptian spices, which I will not hesitate to send to them as soon as my caravans are created.

However, before such luxuries are attended to, pressing matters at home have my mind set on defences. Recent barbarian incursions from the desert and down the Nile have forced me to re-enforce my city with the Phalanx unit; a mighty warrior that has proved his worth already more than once in the past. This has been a very hard year, but I know that the tides rise and fall in time as on the nile, and I look forward to times of prosperity.

A new civilization has now become known to me, during my explorations to the north; the Assyrians. At first, I thought they to be the Phoenicians, of whom I have little to no knowledge as of yet. They all seem like un-civilized nomads still, but the Assyrians have befriended us and so we now share in times of peace.

With my ever-growing knowledge of the world around me, I have now completed a new map of the Egyptian world...

...but I know that much lies yet undiscovered and unknown, and much is yet to be conquered!

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