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Scribe's Book - Chapter 1
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The First Day of the New Empire

Today was founded what will surely be the greatest city ever created under Ra and Horus alike. The city of Memphis was built up piece by piece on the banks of the river Nile; mighty stones brought in from the far desert hills and the surrounding lands. My palace shines brilliantly under the Egyptian sun; white walls and golden leafings, as does the spirits of people.

Now, however, a more pressing matter is at hand. Recent Barbarian incursions have begun to wear down my nerves, and although I see no end in sight, our recent aquisition of the divind knowledge of ballistics has aided me to more easily fight off such incursions.

Furthermore, we have heard news that we are not alone in these lands. Beyond the sea lies a peoples who call themselves the Hebrews. Their capitol city of Jerusalem grows rapidly, and contends with us now. Perhaps they think they can rule the Great northern sea, but they cannot...they MUST NOT!

I ready my royal guard to begin an attack as soon as possible, but our funds are running low, and there is not much I can do right now. My master scribes have just created the first map of the known world for me, so that we might find the best way to Jerusalem should the time come...

That is all I will write for now, for my eyes grow weary and after all...there is a long road ahead!


I will be posting alot more here tonight that should be up later or tomorrow at the latest...See you all then!, Alex

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