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Scribe's Book - Chapter 3
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The Great War to the North

Well, my children, I must admit that I, sadly, did not instigate a war with the pitiful Phoenicians. I had no problems with them; as I have no problems with any inferior civilization. They declared war upon the poor people of Byblos (renamed from Jerusalem, dedicated to the memory of the General Byblo who fell during the siege of Jerusalem). Back home in Egypt, I had no time to think about saving them...for I had just made my mark for all of history.

There they stood, beacons to the heavens and monuments to the world of my divine power, the mighty Pyramids have been created behind my palace at Memphis.

The way the sun sets upon them, they look of pure gold...which I have been accumulating myself now for some time. But I do have a plan for all of that money...

For you see, my Empire to the north will surely die off if it is not supported from the south. The once small city of Alexandria on the coast of the Great Sea is now flourishing; its borders spill to the lands and the oceans around it, and the most modern methods of fishing are established. Between Memphis and Alexandria was founded the city of Giza which, for now, holds as a fortress to uphold my borders and keep a watch on my latest project; a great road leading from Memphis through Giza to Alexandria and some day, will lead up to Byblos in the north. Then, and only then, will I truely be able to support Byblos.

However, I cannot turn my head from the success of Byblos under my guidance, though small. I have comissioned slavers to attack my enemies, the Phoenicians, and three successful slave raids before the capture of my first slaver have built up a strong foundation of working peoples in Byblos. With the extra production I am getting from Byblos, I have built nice homes for the slaves; two mines in all by now! What? Do you think we Egyptians do not have a sense of humour?

Anyways, my caravans have come in handy so far, but only by the grace of the Assyrians and my great Diplomatic skills. Our nations are jubilant over the relationship with one another, and crab from Byblos is being sold to the residents of Ur, deep within the jungles of the Assyrian northlands.

As for the campaign against Phoenicia as a whole...I can honestly tell you things could have gone better. Knowing that Baalbek would be heavily fortified, and that its surrounding walls and jungle would make a proper siege impossible, my army moved north to attack Berytus..but to no avail. The Phoenician army was strong there, and the initial bombardment of 3 detachments of archers was more than enough to break my offensive. I barely had time to withdraw with the few troops I had left, but even so, my slaver could not outrun the Phoenicians, and my conventional and unconventional war was looking grim.

I see no peace in the near future, only a long and protracted war. The Phoenicians raided some northern farms on the outskirts of Byblos, but I was able to divert some attention to building newer farms in the safer south. Again, I have finished painting the newest World Map, but it still lacks the knowledge that I need.

One thing interests me, Assyrian friends are in some hot water. They tell me of a civilization known as the Perrziaens - or something - whom they are also at war with to the south-east. They say that there is another sea there, that the Perrziaens have control of, and that the Perrziaens have conquered one of their cities! I would help them, and I must if my trade is to keep going on. They are now assaulted from the north-west and south-east at once. I would tell them to make peace with the Phoenicians, and attack the unlawful Perrziaens, but I need them to hold my flank.

I don't want them to die, is all. Who would have thunk it...just when the savagery of combat is upon me, I grow a conscience...I guess I sould stop smoking those papyrus roll-ups that Iriia gave me...

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