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Enerol: My 2nd Ed AD&D Word

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Ever had anyone ask "what color is the sky in your world, and do they like you there?" I have, so I made my world. Here are links to pages containing general information about my home-brewed world. Though it is larger than the southern portion of the continent of Loerth, that is where I will concentrate my efforts.


Map of the Known World
Map of Southern Loerth

Note:The link to the Map of Southern Loerth includes links to detailed descriptions of the places there

Thank you Forged Chaos for the beautiful maps and OTA for scanning them-Barb

History of Southern Loerth

Note: You can learn alot about my world by reading the two short stories on my Writing page

Inhabitants of Enerol

Player Character Information:
General information about what kind of Player Characters are allowed in my world
Includes Locansville Knights(A warrior kit) and Loerth Elves ( special elves that exist in Enerol.)

Deities of Southern Loerth

Since the gods and goddesses of the world often appear to their followers, I have included a page for them

Non Player Characters

This links to a page about the Non Player Characters in Enerol.
Includes NPC Dragon information


Page with information on the play by email game.
This is where you look if you are a player and need information on post dates, hiatuses, etc.
You will also find a compilation of the posts there