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About Me

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I hope you enjoyed my site. I am a 39 year old mother of 2 from Ohio. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful man who loves games as much as I do. My kids are 14 and 10 and also love games in one way or another. We are a household of gamers - tabletop, card games, console games. . .you name it.

Or you can feel free to email me!You can find me on PSN as war_babe76 There is also Xbox Live, of course and my gamertag is War Babe76

I am also on Facebook as Barbara Gibson I also have a blog on Facebook My Entertainment Blog

So, I am an avid gamer and love survival horror, FPS, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, you name it. I also love Magic (the card game) and Munchkin. My hands down favorite game series is Devil May Cry. Some of my favorite games are Destiny, Evil Within, Halo, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series and the zombie mode in Black Ops. Diablo 3, the Bioshock series, and the tabletops mantioned above.