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Barbara's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage and I am glad you stopped by!

Well don't have a heart attack but this page is getting an update for information. Anyone who wants to know about me follow this nice link. About Me and feel free to contact me .

I have started up my PBEMS again with updates. Anyone interested in joining my Pathfinder or Mage: The Ascension game follow the above link for my contact information.

Mage: The Ascension PBEM

If you like Mage: The Ascension and Piers Anthony books, you'll love this PBEM. The basic information can be found by following this link. If you are interested email or Facebook me!

Enerol, my Pathfinder world

If you follow this link you will find general information about my home-brewed world such as maps, histories, the kinds of player characters that reside there, and much more!
It also contains information on my PBEM set in this world.

My Original Writing

Follow this link to read my stories and poetry.

Email Me