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The Informer: For April

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Sat. Apr. 12th Rally and Multicultural Show 11:00 AM
The Task Force on Immigrant Access to Higher Education sponsors the Rally and Multicultural Show at City Hall Plaza, Government Center. The bills, the DREAM Act in the Senate and the Student Adjustment Act in the House, would allow students to apply for legal residency so that they may work, go to college, and otherwise fully participate in their communities. For more info, call Lizz Matos at the MIRA Coalition (617) 350-5480 ext. 205.

April 18-26th BOSTON PREMIERE OF: Better Luck Tomorrow varies
Better Luck Tomorrow is one of the first of its kindˇAsian American directors, filmmakers, actors in mainstream movie theaters! It's a film about Asian American teens in California, dealing with life and typical teen issues. Check out your local theater listings for more information on times.

Sat. Apr. 19th Mayor's Youth Summit 9AM-12:30PM
Taking place at the Boston Latin School, 1500 teens and youth workers will come together to highlight Boston teens and programs. Participants can learn more about Boston youth programs by visiting over 70 agencies on hand at resource tables. Register online at, please return everything by Apr. 12th for free t-shirts.

Fri. Apr. 25th Mayor's Youth Council 5: 45PM-7:45PM
The City of Boston with Northeastern and Boston Bar Association sponsors the Mayor's Youth Council. Each Spring 36 youth are selected to represent their neighborhoods as volunteers on a citywide board. The Council representatives outreach in their community to learn about existing youth programs and exchange information with other youth in their neighborhood. The Council meets approximately twice a month. The Youth Council meets with Mayor Thomas Menino and other officals. Anyone interest in joining the council register online at


CAPAY Community YouthLearn Program
Interested in learning more about Asian American history and community issues? Want to meet other APA youth who are interested, too? Apply for this year-long program with CAPAYˇit starts in July and goes until the following June. You'll learn and do more than you've ever done in school! There's also a small stipend involved. If interested, contact CAPAY for the application (or download off the website: Deadline for applications is MAY 31, 2003.

Chinese Youth Initiative (Summer Program)
Want to learn more about the Chinese community through activities that encourage a positive identity, community responsibility, awareness, and action? Then the Chinese Youth Initiative is for you! It starts with a 7-week internship in the summer and then will continue through the year. Contact Jeff at Chinese Progressive Association for more info: 617-357-4499 or Deadline is May 23, 2003.

CAPAY Summer Organizing Program
Here's another opportunity for APA youth for 10 weeks in the summer. Ever felt frustrated that you as one person couldn't make much of a difference? Ever wanted to develop skills so you COULD make a difference? Here's a program for you! Through this program, you'll develop skills in organizing community-based projects and actually see the products of your work! Small stipend involved. If interested, contact CAPAY. Deadline is MAY 31, 2003.

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