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sPiRiT liberation pRoCeSSinG towards the Crucial/OrrioR Arts,,,if yOu dare

ancient evolutionary balance-iNg process-iNgz here

to honor, share power with, and enrichingly protect the greatly-spirit'd intuitives!

honoring the organic, greatly spirit'd depth within all of us

"What you can do or dream only you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!" --(don't know author)

this site is dedicated to those so-called "old" and "young" alike who are seeking to find sanity and excellence in this dimension we find ourselves in, this so-called 'consensus reality'.

an introductory note

This iz a site to get in touch with (and possibly launch from) the kind of de-colonizing sPiRiT which most of us have either completely forgotten (and thus often "poo-poo" in a most curious way) or hold --privately within ourselves-- as though taking care of a precious friend.

By getting back in touch with this part of ourselves (links to youtube video that touches on the colonization of tribal europe) we may find meaning and rejuvenated inspiration for living in this world, including re-seeing ourselves and all that is around us!

,,,there iz plenty of artz, text, "walking" self-truth paths and daring radical magix to explore here! So do *join me* (in whatever way you want) in this ongoing "processing" (if you're so inclined), and dare realize the value of such! Best thing of it all, it's free, no hidden charges (just avoid the ads!) Why? Because i claim to be in solidarity with informal humanity, that's why, and i wanna see people get inspired--even fired up-- like we all too seldom seem to get in the usual rigamaroll, heh!

Note to the strategically challenged:

My various reports of direct actions (i.e. into indigeneous enclaves) are not "disrespectful" except only in a neo-colonially-stuck value system, where "radicalism" is turned into a kind of "weekender" thing for the over-arching consumer/settler cult-ure to "let off steam" before the mass heads back to its modern slavery, er, "work".

It is a sad comment on members of milieux(milieus) who cannot even ask alleged wrong-doers about their alleged 'inappropriateness' before they uncritically acquiesce to the urge to judge... and then isolate others! (COINTELPRO-icly-challenged?) But, these are the times of "successful" 'Rollback' strategies (see N.Chomsky's book Media Control on the topic).
a short explanation to those folks. Please feel free to challenge me further on my blog

Further note: Some of the links appear to have been hacked, and won't work, apparently, from here. But if you "cut and paste" and enter them independently, you'll see that they work fine. A most curious development in online alleged "free speech" (Orwellian as usual!).

So, where are ye, spiritually/psychologically? Maybe you're barely afloat in the Seas of your life? Or maybe you're flailing or something like these guys? Perhaps there's value in looking beyond what you believe, like up in the-----i mean, why confine yourself so much? iS there value in perceiving differently? How about to escape what some call 'the mind'? How about dis: iF you haddagun like dis one, then maybE you'd sEE deepr? Or maybe you're one o'doze guyz whosegotta read a buncha text to "believe" (go on a virtual bungi-jump and then return here)? Hey kid (we're all kids!), i wanna aRt yOu uP!---soooo that maybe you might enjoy going wiLd onceinawhile. LiKe i did after things like tHis! WiLd?? i go wiLd as a sometime process, seeking to inspire others who may be able to identify with such stYLe as well as assist meself!

enJoY da art(e) an da tEXts and da repORTs; who knowz what ya might finde--where ya might go--even when you thought you looked already

To life lived as aDvEntUrEs!!!! tO LiFe lived as a claimed-truth-speaking patH!!!! tO uzin da inteRnEt as a tool, insted o' da nEt (an everYting else) toolin us!!!!

Some ways that i've been initiated into such seeing as this:

Czech out my relatively new visionary blog (can you find the visionary zine pdfs?) and, as well, my ollld "cosmic-ly crazy" blog at --both could be worth your time if you're into deeper-than-usual visionary consciousness at all!

sMall bits of spOEtRy:

a, B, C, d, E, f

Others' ideas i find especially inspiring

  • something written about PLAY by some Canadians whose site appears to be offline...
  • NEW! Interview on MATRIARCHY with Russell Means (recommending starting about 10 minutes in for the best of this! See audio download at bottom of page!).
  • Some leading anti-authoritarian ideas:

  • don Miguel Ruiz and _The Four Agreements_ (is your attention hooked by leading betrayal energies?)

  • Someone by the name of John Trudell (the most insightful *thinking promoter* i had the spirituality to meet a few times before he passed on. See his own website here (includes two fully free recent albums of his!).

    feEl like sharin' moRe now? yOu miGHt be s'prized...mail me at: spiritdude4 [at] yahoo dot com if yOu idennify wit dA *radical faeries*, let's speak! if yOu don't, that's alright tOo!

    HEY, czech uit dis new zeen i've made for my fello fae friendz (and ho, what do you think about a VISIONARY zine? Got contributions of a radical's radical nature? Then speak up!)!!