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"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." -Nelson Mandela

Thanks to Angie O'Sperm for the photo taken at the 2006 national Rainbow Gath

The following articles were written up at the time of making them happen. Our autonomous Crucial Arts interactors engaged thousands of people in over 30 actions in more than 20 cities and localities across the u.s.a., in about a two-year period. Passed out, was what i call a *depth charge* which usually looks something like this, give or take a little additional "arting". Together with hand-made signs with text thought about carefully, i got *serious* ideas and mixed them with *weird, strange* ideahhs. Notably, much of the art comes from "inner consciousness plunging" where connections are made with the unconscious, and/or spirit, and our ecstatic desires allowed to begin flowing.

This page/site is meant as an introduction to a way to *articulate* one's heart and desires towards ways that seem more meaningful than those Mundania dishes us. None of the actions are meant to disrespect indigenous people. After having been challenged about some of my actions (such as those into Indian Rez's) and having only more recently read Waziatawin's words in the large "Unsettling Minnesota" text (pdf file online), i definitely wish to stress this. Yes, some may find such offensive for a "white man" to be giving himself permission to so freely share in such intense ways; but such reality happens wherever we dare art ourselves. Know that i have a track record of putting my life on the line for the ideas i have, and will continue to do so. To conclude (tho inviting feedback), i see a distinction that's worthy of thinking-such-through; i am a europa'n eccentric champion of "cruciaL aRtz not Martial Arts", informally doing spirituality that few of my fellow euro-peons "get". My intention is liberation for all, including decolonization. Yet without any hierarchically-stuck method for getting there. As for allies? i'm more into friendboats (and ships). How deep our friendconnections are may prove more mutually inspiring, at least in the view i've been experiencing for the last, oh, 24 years.

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