(note: this is written under a limited time frame, so i can only hope it's clear enough for you)

To begin with....imagine me as someone whose spiritual journey is "much deeper" and "more dangerous" than any "playful game" you may be used to or are likely to have easily heard of (i.e. in RFD). For many years now i have put my life on the line when going into unknowns, period. And i know it (and surprising and even amazing spiritual experience arises)! It is in this place that i take risks. And some of those risks include doing apparently politically incorrect things, such as "having the nerve to" enter pow wows (and other intense situations) with my own intuitive regalia and spirit. In this i go as a champion of my heart values, not automatically subordinating to actions and ideas deemed Appropriate by some alleged authority (i.e. Scott Morgensen's challenge to faedom, as published in RFD

Further comments (may need editing, but time constrains me):

The fundamental assumption that "we whites" Can Only move within very narrow orders (a.k.a. Ways of Doing Things) already prescribed (usually by alleged "experts" or other Authority we oft uncritically subordinate to) expose a kind of pacifism which has to be thought through more carefully....if we are to seriously move forward and not merely give "lip service" and then allow the Same Old Again to continue, us throwing up our proverbial arms in overwhelm and blaming humanity's "stupidity" for everything.

That even solo visioneers are not allowed to move into territory and paths that are so-called "Not Our Own" (as if ownership is what it's about at all!), with radicalized intuitions in the lead, is neo-colonially suspect! And that one who does, even if openly (as i have done) thus Has To Be punished and "reined back in" to the Given value system, if they don't rectify their 'behavior' (or be shunned), reflects only one thing: The stupidity that "our" movement has become.

a pattern
No territory (or paradigm) Allowed for intuitors who DARE BEYOND mundane (or even prescribed alt) confines! WoW, such a mediocre, middle-manager (thus, superficial) frame of minding-each-other's mind!

And VERY Politically Correct. (and smells, to this seasoned critical thinker, of covert work in neocolonialism to make sure "all white folks" are sneakily kept at the margins)

On the one hand, crucial empathy for people largely crushed under the weight of colonization/oppression, yes, i get that. On the other, becoming paternalist in its rigidity. Becoming condescending. Becoming authoritarian. Where people are not allowed to be equals on any level whatsoever (and thus blocked from having any gift value to the circle), except between sanctioned mediators (usually so-called "well-educated" tools of their internalized status-quo values) and The Others (those identified as being Appropriate victims).

Thus, a curious developement: some kind of 'radical' faerie program (?) of apparent noncooperation (?) with me, at least in person or otherwise (!), except amongst the more longterm community members. Granted, as a "radical's radical" i am under continued attacks designed (as her/history tells me) to isolate and silence my kind, so it is not always easy to see what truly is and what i'm tending to get "paranoid" about! But having spent some quality time amongst so-called radical faeries in the last many years, i came upon some definite evidence.

Incapable of hearing me out! Much less giving me the benefit of a doubt! And if such is happening to me, what of the many many others????

All this so that fae focalizers may "streamline" the community for "a more public" debut??? It sure seems like it. (And perhaps this is to be expected, after all; with so many so-called "well educated" people built up to become the new Nice, Friendly (TM) jackboots at home and abroad.

Of course, i may be "jumping the gun" in some vital ways that i haven't thought through enough, since it's quite true how many many folks, "radical"-identified or not, tend to REFLECT themselves when they JUMP ON others with some demand to conform or Go Along With The Program! Ready, so Ready, to neatly categorize and reduce people into having no value whatsoever, except in subordination! What a comment on the demander's own truth!!

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