on a year's long (or lifetime?) voyage or
                                 voyages of
            Daring to be my art
     to be & do
Appearing to you    to be "crazy"
When in fact we all are,,,,
i voyage in these seas in which we are all
            flailing & and going almost "insane".
i voyage as 'spiritual' path, following that i
                                call beautiful, getting sometimes stuck in
other, yet always still, somehow, finding my way
             back to this style of becoming!

i AM surfing on this thought
"I AM" iz tha kid'z(s) spiRit
      thE kid'z sPiRit within all of us

The young dude in us that we were
       when we "most fun had"
              with life
        before the belief prisons
              had completely surrounded us
              & kept us in its chains
The dude spirit
    i n d o m i n a t a b l e
        even in the face of 21 Century
               "diagnosis" wars
        With their Oppositional Defiant
               Disorder labels now
launching unrelenting attacks.

All of us have this spirit, at heart,
         within us & wanting release

Yet                                we dare not,
                                  for fear
         Well, not all of we; some recall
parts of the trauma of
      "Normality" socialization/programming/
& continue our revolt in various styles,
       consciously, articulate or not.

While everyone else articulates unconsciously
        (even thru "articulate" ideology).
No matter, the depth of this message is to remember
& realize the value of daring our most loved ways of living!

ii. Surfing
           the image of dude spirit,
                       a being of the 0y styleó
--(the ones who mess wit my he(art))               surfing LiFe in most
          						excellent style
						     of various conceptions

                 iii.   Surfing as methodology also
                    where enjoy mints are the name o'de game (gayme?)
                          & dealing with reality the gayme of de name.

                        One may swim in the oceans we now
                                        find ourselves in
                    i.e. the Great Sea of Schizophrenia
                         & long for some type of way to float
                          or complete escape, at least from the surface
  			      where we most fear
                           (especially when storms come near)

                 So, to dare, at least more often,
    		to surf this that we are in
 			this 'consensus reality"
                 To surf on sunny days
                  & even thru storms
                 To surf on tsunamis
                  & even on the buildings stuck in our 'mind'

                 To surf not only for survival & sanity but also
                      for loud whoops & raucous stories shared later

i travel in my mobile ceremonial
          doing Life

da life dat i not myself doing
         is my arting of my
                dude sPiRit

          Arting as translating to
          wanting to stay in touch with
my     surface  here in which
you     read this.
          This surface of which
i  imagine touching
                   a s
(just as my words have just
now barely traced the/a shadow
outline of my messy hair)
--so a "surfing" of sorts. . .

{continues with yOu}
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