WAR FIGHTS LOVE (a spoem spoken aloud at various poetry places)

War has a vendetta, Love, it believes, is a LIE!
War is objectively pragmatic and will solve this last CRISIS or die!
--now that all are on their knees and only the lie of love stands in the way
like a tease!
War is omni-potent
With trillions of super-sophisticated violence and all governments
At its fingertips.

Love is silent, as tho waiting for War to make its final move.

War moves deliberately at medium speed
Firing fifty nuke missiles from ten subs around the Earth

Love responds with
One billion people suddenly daring trusting touches with each other and
Finding profound successes.

Fifty nukes converge in pin-point accuracy on Love
And just as they race closest at thousands of miles per hour
War stops
the nukes from exploding at the last instant
Just to SNEER at "love"


200 million blowjob commandos pop up EVERYWHERE
dressed (or undressed) so radically, so PROVOCATIVELY,
That 90% of War's deeply tooled professionals can't help but melt
Before the AUDACITY,
the SHEER inanity,
Their mouths hanging open in secretly desperate desire...

...War's hovering missiles remain, War taken aback.

Love daintily frees 500 trillionaires to run, everywhere,
throwing invitations to WILDER PARTIES across the world (and means to get there, all for free)
than you may dare imagine!

War, regaining its composure, and scowling at such ludicrousy,
Explodes the nukes upon Love,
Seemingly obliterating 1/4 of the Earth in an instant.

Love instantly transforms the resulting hellfires
that maim and kill the unfortunate bystanders
(and catapult them into their worst fears)
into Most Desired Bliss,
Transforming the HORROR and the PAIN
Into the LOUD, LOVED MUSIC of their choices
and off float or swim 400 million lives
Becoming gigantic or microscopic, radicalized butterflies.

War is not amused and deploys 100 million robot tanks and self-propelled bomb guns
Smashing and crushing all in their path, blasting and vaporizing, destroying,
continually deploying, deploying, deploying--

Love over-rides the robots' conditioning, teaching them, convincing them,
That they are SO MUCH MORE
and they stop in their war tracks and thinking things through, begin to relax

And Love sends hordes of Crazy people to hop on their armored backs
--Crazy people who intuitively know how to excellently touch and tickle
Robots who never knew of such a way!

War's jowels shake in angry frustration
As its fingers type in the automated codes of space-based lasergun formations
Which are pre-powered with the strength of a small sun

Love deflects the blastbeams back at War
Showing how War's such a bore!

And War falls back in its chair
shaking it's head with its forever fear fare
Only to be beseiged by 500 million little kids
of all species and races
--Toddlers, puppies, kittens, you name it, warming up to War, yet...
Wanting to play war no more!

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