Gravel in my nose   my own skin in my fingernails
   i come from the roughage of womens' screams and kids' wails

i'm your neighbor nextdoor
i see you always comin and goin
i hear your car 
Cuttin' your own with the shiv of you hype
sexism, hatred, violence, so-called "POWER", i know your type

All the same, ventin' battle raps triggerin insane
Proven by history you're only a number—it's all lame

Fame?,,,,shame  Explain, Duane:
{low voice speaks} 
"I call it sheep tame"

The biggest penis and testicles hangin low
Only further the cycle of bullshit so you can
reap what you sow

Always up high in the sky—oh my, my, my...
Puppets of nothing in REAL LIFE
I bash down your wall, I block your fist from hitting your wife.

Then, before you react, i remember you're packed
No's useless against me
ALL your posse is 'juiceless' against me, see?

Call me L O V E ! i fuck wit you quicker than you can thinc
Ain't it a bitch when i'm s'posed to run but instead i wink?

That big penis you call a gun is in your hand
you've cocked it back—then no hesitation—well, i'll be damned! (wink wink)

Shooting shots into my parts, what can you do when
the sperm-missiles sing thru turning to buzzing hearts?

"FUCK, a ghost of some sort!" you snort
'nO, I'm LOVE', i retort

"Fuck you, 'Love', I don't believe in you," you say
'nO prob, nice guy, we cAN STILL play!'

My fingers reach out—you feel my touch—you ROAR
--i'm not listenin no more.
My tickles all over your DOG-EAT-DOG WORLD
provoking you to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after 
Your wife was your fun
i am L O V E , i moved her to do this with yOu
not in spite but cuz i see death cult-ure stalking
an i naturally gotta mess wit dat same old stew!

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