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The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer in the San Francisco Bay area in the mid 1960's to early 1970's. Although there are only seven definite victims, the total number of victims, which no one can agree on, is near 50. The Zodiac's identity, to this day, is unknown.

The Zodiac, like Jack the Ripper, taunted police and press with letters and phone calls, bragging of the killings. Not all of these were sent by the real Zodiac, and of those that were, some are being questioned as to whether the Zodiac is just taking credit for someone else's work or not.

The Zodiac has kept police stumped for years because of his various methods. Each victims was attacked in a different way using different weapons. He, somehow, managed to change his fingerprints by using a sort of cement. Once, fortunately, the Zodiac goofed and left his actual prints.

All and all, the Zodiac is a very intriguing character who has maintained the mystery and the suspense in his attacks.

Victims: Betty Lou Jensen & David Faraday
Victims: Darlene Ferrin & Mike Mageau
Victims: Cecelia Shepard & Bryan Hartnell
Victim: Paul Stine
Possible Victims
Possible Victim: Cheri Jo Bates
Possible Victim: Kathleen Johns
Top Suspect: Arthur Leigh Allen
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