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Zodiac Photo Gallery Two

Wanted Poster

After Kathleen Johns and her baby were abducted and were able to get away, this is the Wanted Poster she saw, scaring herself by realizing her abductor was probably the Zodiac Killer.

A Marker Drawing by John Wayne Gacy of the Zodiac

A marker drawing, done by John Wayne Gacy, which is pretty accurate. It includes the usual Zodiac symbol the Zodiac used. Gacy even signed it. Although most of the writing is kinda hard to read, it is supposed to be the quote from the Zodiac about wild game. (See Zodiac Quotes for the exact quote.)

Zodiac Composite Drawings

These drawings were done at separate times by separate people. Each was never officially released to the public. But, these are two different drawings of what some police officers think the Zodiac looks like, but it was later disgarded for the well known composite.