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Kathleen Johns

An Article on Kathleen Johns

Sunday, March 22, 1970, 23 year old Kathleen Johns and her infant daughter, Jennifer, were driving on Highway 132, near Modesto, California. A man in a light colored car started honking and blinking his lights at her. He pulled along side her and told her that one of her wheels was wobbling, volunteering his services to help fix it. She agreed, although as he was working on the tire, she couldn't see anything because it was too dark. They each got back in their cars and started to drive away, but Kathleen's tire spun loose. He volunteered to take her to a service station. Seeming like a nice guy, Kathleen agreed. She took her daughter and left with the man. The car remained where it was.

They drove to one station, but it was closed, so they continued driving. For an hour and a half, they drove past several other stations, but the man didn't stop. She mentioned them as they went by, but the man said nothing. She realized he was not taking her to any service station.

When he stopped at a stop sign, she jumped out of the car with Jennifer, ran across a field, and hid in the shadows. The man stopped the car, turned off his lights, and waited 5 minutes before leaving. A person who just happened to be passing by stopped, and gave her a ride.

Once at a police station in Patterson, Kathleen saw a Wanted Poster for the Zodiac. She claims it was he who abducted her. When the police went to go find her car, they found it ablaze, everything inside destroyed.

Since this incident occured, Kathleen has changed her story numerous times, picked 2 different men as her assailant, and claims she doesn't remember if she was married or not at the time this occurred, leaving police idle. Not much from this case, other then what is proven by other people, can be used to make a case against anyone.