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Zodiac Suspects

The Cream of the Crop... of Suspects

A Picture of Arthur Leigh Allen
A Picture of Bruce Davis
A Picture of Bruce Davis in 1998
A Picture of Charles Manson
A Picture of Larry Kane
A Picture of Larry Kane in 1990
A Picture of Ted Kaczynski
A RECENT Picture of Ted Kaczynski

This is the list of TOP suspects. Over the years there have been thousands of suspects, suspected and then dismissed, but these are the only ones who have managed to come up time and time again.

Robert Graysmith, an author on the Zodiac case and several others, claims someone known as (or as some people think, an alias for Arthur Leigh Allen) "Robert Hall Starr" is the Zodiac. He also refers to a "Don Andrews," whom people think is Richard Marshall. Robert Graysmith has been accredited many things, and in one book (about Ted Kaczynski, the unabomber), Graysmith claims to have solved the Zodiac case, upsetting many victims and their families.

Several people believe there is a link between the Charles Manson family and the Zodiac, suggesting that the attacks were performed by different people, enabling different people to be picked from a lineup, if it ever came to that. Some people believe this, and some people believe the Unabomber link, where Ted Kaczynski is not only the Unabomber, but also the Zodiac.

Several people have been accused, and even suspected, such as Dean Ferrin (Darlene Ferrin's husband), but nothing ever came of it. After one thing that disconnected them from case, they were dismissed as suspects. For example, Arthur Leigh Allen was dismissed as a suspect after the fingerprints on Paul Stine's car didn't match his own. (He was later suggested again, though.) This has made the case very difficult to solve.