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Possible Victims of the Zodiac

The following lists are of the Zodiac's possible victims. There are strong ties to some, and there aren't to others. Some of these are also thought to be possible victims of other serial killers.

Unlike the definite victims, with the exception of Paul Stine, most of these people were found nude, with markings on their bodies, as if they were sexually attacked, and/or something of theirs was taken; if they were found nude, then it was usually their clothes. At least one earring was taken from each girl with pierced ears.

Police have more then just commonalities of Zodiac crimes and these to go on, suggesting they may be Zodiac victims. Often, the Zodiac wrote to police and confessed to an additional death the day after the body was found.

Possible Victims

Possible Victims According to the Press... But Untrue