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Darlene Ferrin & Mike Mageau

A Picture of Darlene Ferrin
A Picture of Mike Mageau (At Age 16)
A Picture of Darlene's Younger Sister, Pam

Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin - Born: 1947; Died: 1968 (Age: 22).
Michael Renault Mageau - SURVIVED and still alive. Attacked at age 19.

On the 4th of July, Darlene's husband, Dean, asked her to go out and get fireworks; that him and his friend would return around midnight and to have them by then. Dean left. He would never see Darlene alive again. Darlene, for some unknown reason, was shakey and nervous, but she left the house, leaving her daughter Deena with the babysitter. She went to pick up Mike Mageau, where he lived with his older brother.

Prior to this event, Dean and Darlene had had friends over to their house to help paint their new home. Both Mike Mageau and his older brother were there, as well as Darlene's sister Pam. Everyone, except for one man, wore old clothes and helped paint. This man, who appeared to make Darlene very nervous according to Pam, wore very nice clothes, not something one would wear to help paint. He never helped out, he just sat in a chair the whole time, and left early. This man, as Pam recognized him, had been to the house on 3 previous occations, each time leaving something for Darlene. The third time, she saw him, and he told her not to open the box, but to give it to Darlene, who was not home at the time. Pam gave the box to Darlene as soon as she returned home, and it turned out to be material that Darlene later made into clothes; the clothes Darlene wore the night she died.

According to Pam, Darlene (and Mike) had been on vacation out of the area and had come back changed. She believes Darlene saw this man murder someone.

Back on July 4th, wearing clothes made from the man who made her very nervous, Darlene went and picked up Mike Mageau. Mike got in the car quickly, as if nervous, but they sat in the car for a few moments. Then, they drove away. Later, they parked in the empty parking lot of Blue Rock Springs Golf Course. A group of rowdy kids came, shot off some fireworks, and then left. Around midnight, a brown Ford Mustang, or possibly Chevrolet Corvair, came up besides their car. Darlene appeared to know the driver of the car. When asked by Mike if she knew who he was, she replied, "Oh, never mind." The car left, only to return about 5 minutes later. It parked about 10 feet away from Darlene's car. The driver of the car came towards them, holding out a light, as to blind them from seeing his face. Thinking it to be a police officer, both went for their ID's, but were shocked when the person pulled out a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and began shooting at them. He first shot at Mike, whom he hit. But, the attacker was so close, that the bullets ripped through Mike and hit Darlene. Mike flung himself into the back seat, and was hit in the left knee by a bullet. Darlene turned her back to the attacker, but he shot her in both arms and in the back. The attacker started to leave, but Mike yelled out, so he returned and shot each of them twice. Then, the attacker quietly left. Barely conscience, Mike turned on the car's blinkers, to call attention to him and Darlene.

The police arrived, but too late to save Darlene. She was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital at 12:38 am. Mike, however, went straight into surgery, and managed to survive. 45 minutes after the attack, a man called the police, and took credit for the attack. He correctly told them the weapon used, and he claimed to have also killed Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday.

A few weeks later, police started receiving letter from the killer, taking credit for killing David Faraday, Betty Lou Jensen, and Darlene Ferrin. One third of a cipher was sent to police, and along with the other two thirds of the cipher, were supposed to have his identity stated inside. The code was cracked by a high school teacher, but, unfortunately for police, the killer remains a mystery; no name was in the message.

Dean Ferrin and Jim Phillips, Darlene's 1st husband, whom she divorced in 1967, were thought to be suspects in this murder, but were later dismissed. Dean Ferrin was working as a cook at Caesar's Restaurant when the incident happened. Another suspect was a man by the name of George Waters, who appeared to be stalking Darlene for turning him down in the months before her death.

One source has a photograph of Pam yelling at Mike, saying that he knows who the killer is, but he won't say. This is contradicted by the fact that the same source says that Mike is in some undisclosed area, off on his own, receiving phychological treatment to help with the incident.