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Bareev vs. Hiarcs, # 4

   GM   Evgeny Bareev  -  HiarcsX (C) 
Bareev vs. HiarcsX  Match 
 Maastricht, Netherlands (4), 31.01.2003 

1.c4 e5;  2.g3 Nf6;  3.Bg2 c6;  4.d4 exd4;  5.Qxd4 d5;  6.Nf3 Be7;  
7.cxd5 cxd5;  8.0-0 Nc6;  9.Qa4 0-0;  10.Be3 Be6;  11.Nc3 Qd7;  
12.Rfd1 h6;  13.Rac1 Rfd8;  14.Nd4 Bh3;  15.Bh1 a6;  16.Nxc6 bxc6;  
17.Nb1 Rdc8;  18.Nd2 Qb7;  19.Nb3 Qb5;  20.Qxb5 axb5;  21.a3 b4; 
22.axb4 Bxb4;  23.Nc5 Bf5;  24.Bg2 Ra2;  25.Nd3 Bd6;  26.Bd4 Ne4;  
27.g4 Bd7;  28.f3 Ng5;  29.f4 Ne6;  30.Be3 Re8;  31.Bf3 Ng5;  32.fxg5, 
32...Rxe3;  33.gxh6 g5;  34.Ra1 Rxa1;  35.Rxa1 Re6;  36.Ra8+ Kh7; 
37.b4 Kxh6;  38.b5!? cxb5;  39.Bxd5 Rf6;  40.e4 Be6;  41.Kg2 Kg7; 
42.h3 Bf8;  43.Rb8 Bxd5;  44.exd5 b4;  45.Rb7 Bd6;  
Game drawn,  ½ - ½ 

I watched this whole game - 90% (or more) on ICC. Quite a few impressions, and most were very positive. So here goes: 

# 1.)  The new  Hiarcs(X)  program is very, very, very strong. (I have two versions of the older Hiarcs program.) It is MUCH improved ... and is vastly better tactically than the previous versions were. To draw a four-game match against # 8 player in the world is an incredible feat. My only afterthought is:  IS THIS A PREVIEW OF THE STATE OF THINGS TO COME?  I.e., will the best players consider it a moral victory when they can hold the machine to a draw??? (And not lose?) 

# 2.)  Most of the games appeared to be genuine struggles, no real quick or easy draws. And I heard nothing but positive things about Bareev's conduct during this match. He is both an incredibly strong player ... and a real gentleman. 

# 3.)  Many facets where this program had been {previously}  GROSSLY  weak - TACTICS!, positional understanding, and the endgame - have all been corrected. The computer's play was nearly flawless. While slightly worse a few times, it never appeared in serious trouble ... or on the brink of losing. Bareev played openings that were designed to avoid the brunt of the computers book, and even this did not cause the computer program undue problems ... it almost always had a VERY reasonable position. Its play in the opening was quite good. 

# 4.)  While playing very strong and nearly flawless chess, I got the impression that Bareev was playing as much as not to lose, as in trying to win. For example in this last game, the move 38.b5!? almost guarantees the draw. I thought a slow build-up, and then a King march to the center was indicated. (But - of course - this might not have been possible. Perhaps Bareev considered this but - after lengthy thought - decided that it was simply too risky. He did use a lot of time for this battle.) 

# 5.)  This match was/is very much in the shadow of the Kasparov - Deep Junior event. Yet the interest seems good and the media response was favorable. 


Overall, I would say this match has been good for chess. (A shame Bareev could not have managed to score at least one win, but this was an extremely tough opponent.  HIARCS  bent a few times ... but never really broke.) 
 - LM
A.J. Goldsby I

Hiarcs and Bareev draw all four games
02.02.2003 The "other" man vs machine match between Hiarcs and world class GM Evgeny Bareev ended in a 2:2 draw. In the last game the English program was displaying a 0.80 advantage. “It was amazing that Bareev found a way out of the complicated position", said Mark Uniacke, the author of Hiarcs. The games are to be found on the official website

 (From the ChessBase web site.) 

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