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  Odds and Ends 

On this page, I will have a little bit of everything. 


Symbols  (Similar to 'Informant') 

"="  The position is equal, (level) or play is relatively balanced. 
        Both sides have approximately equal chances. 

"+/="  ("=/+")  White  (Black)  is a little better here. 
"+/"  ("/+")  White  (Black)  is much better in the given position. 
"+/-"  ("-/+")  White  (Black)  now has a won game - or a decisive 
                      material advantage in the position being examined. 
"~"  The position is unclear.  (Unbalanced.) 
        (Murky. But play is close to being balanced, or approx. level chances.) 
"~"  The side who played the last move has "compensation" 
        for any material sacrificed. 
"/\"  The player who made the last move has the initiative. 
"--->"  The player who made the last move has a powerful attack. 
"cp"  ("<=>")  The last player to move has good counterplay here.  
"[]" or "box"  This signifies that this move is probably forced. 
                       (The only move.) 
"TN"  - A theoretical novelty or a move that is new to opening theory. 

'!'  - a very good or exceptional move. 
'!!'  - an extremely good move, great or rare brilliance. 
       (Not to be used lightly or often!) 
'?'   - a bad move or a mistake. 
'??'  - a very bad move  or a blunder/gross oversight. 
'!?'  -  A very interesting move.  (I also use this to how that there might  
           be   a very wide range of move choices   at this point.) 
           (Some authors use this to mean some risk is involved, but I reject this 
             as being the interpretation 100% of the time!) 

'?!'  -  A very (extremely) risky move. (Or) A move of highly doubtful 
.  (Or) A move that is very much inferior to some of the 

Most books use many more symbols than this, but these are the most common-place ones. 

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