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Kaspy vs. D.B, #2

GM Garry Kasparov vs. Deep(er) Blue 
 The Second Match, (1997) 

   Click  HERE  to go to IBM's archived files on this match.   

When I finish the section on the first match, I plan on turning my attention to this match.

  A good book on the match ... that just came out is:  

  A new book on the match?  (kasp-vs-db2_mast_dbbk01.jpg, 26 KB)

    Behind Deep Blue:    
Building the Computer ...  
  That Defeated the World Chess Champion    
  by  Feng-Hsiung Hsu.

It was l949 when the eminent mathematician Claude E. Shannon suggested how to program a computer to play chess. "At that time, many renowned computer scientists believed that the Computer Chess Problem-- creating a chess computer that could beat the World Champion-- would be solved within a few years." It was, in fact, 48 years before the IBM computer Deep Blue-- capable of searching 200 million possible chess positions per second-- defeated world champion Garry Kasparov. Hsu, now a research scientist at the Western Research Lab of Compaq Computer, was the system architect for Deep Blue. He makes an exciting tale of computer chess evolution and the Kasparov match. Is Deep Blue intelligent? No, Hsu says: "It is only a finely-crafted tool that exhibits intelligent behavior in a limited domain."

- Editors of Scientific American

I wrote about these matches (K. vs. DB) extensively for several different state magazines. 
(FL, AL, GA, MS, LA TX, KN, NC, SC, VA, etc.)

Not all of the stuff I wrote was printed, some was even printed in city newsletters, etc. 
(Many people wanted my opinion. At the time, I was a very active Master, and I had 
 a reputation as a "computer-buster" in tournaments. {Back then many machines were 
  allowed to play in USCF-rated events, and I routinely beat them.}  I had also worked in 
 the computer field. So when it got out that I was writing about the "human-vs. computer" 
 matches, I was literally inundated with requests. While most of this stuff never went any 
 higher than the <State Magazine Level> (if that far), I am still proud of this work. Many 
 have told me the analysis was better than what was published in national magazines.)

What I will try to do now is go back and see how much of this stuff I can find. 
I will endeavor to clean it up, check it, and reproduce it here. - A.J. Goldsby I. 

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