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KvsF/X3D, Game Three (# 3.)

 Kasparov vs. Fritz X3D, Game Three (# 3.) 

Another decisive game ... we are definitely seeing great, fighting chess for this whole match. Every game has kept you ... "on the edge of your seat," so to speak. What a great contest ... with both sides playing all-out every game. 

I watched this game live on TV. (ESPN2) 
 (See Game Four for a breakdown of all the ESPN TV commentators.) 

But about 2 hours or so into the coverage, they ditched the chess for ladies basketball.
(You could still get an occasional up-date on ESPN News.) I then switched over to  "Chess-dot-FM," and also I observed the game on the X3D site and also USCL. (I actually crashed my PC twice - prolly cuz I had so many windows and applications open at the same time.)

This is my over-all impression(s) of this game. (Game Three.) 
(I watched the game on TV and on several chess servers as well.)

More surprises from Kasparov ... who opened with Nf3 again. But play once more transposed into a Semi-Slav. Obviously Kasparov believes in the White side of this opening ... and the Fritz team thinks Black is doing OK in this line. (But this game may change their entire outlook!) 

The computer (team) was the first to vary the opening ... they probably (correctly) reasoned Garry thoroughly analyzed the game and had a few ideas and improvements ready. Anyway, by move ten, Garry was already clearly on top. (I was already happily predicting a win to my room-mate.) 

The computer clearly had no plan ... and no clue of the correct way of handling the position. It came up with some cute tactics, (e.g.  ...Bd6);  but in the end, Garry simply (wisely) used a lot of time, and made good moves. When it became obvious that Garry would not fall for any tactics ... the computer simply retreated - and lost valuable time. 

Garry played solidly and carefully. At one point, Yaz was saying, "I am not happy with the way Garry has handled the defense." But Yaz was fretting about nothing,  (probably purely a question of style);  ...  Garry was almost psychic today - he knew what the computer was up to, and what it was "thinking"  ... even before the programmers did. 

NOTE:  I predicted the maneuver of B/b4-to-c3, Nb4, and R-to-a2 ... at least 5 moves before they ever happened. (I was openly making my predictions on USCL.) 

Garry's play was superb, precise ... and gave not a ghost of a chance to the box. 

Score one point for:  Garry, ...  The Good Guys, ...  and the whole human race. 

   Game # 3 (text-score only)    [ re-play on cg ] 


  GM Garry Kasparov  (2830)  -  FRITZ_X3D(C) (2675)  
  The "Man vs. Machine" (WCM) Match  
Human vs. Computer/Virtual Reality/in 3D 
Athletic Club, New York; NY (USA) 
(Game # 3)16.11.2003  


1.Nf3 Nf6;  2.c4 e6;  3.Nc3 d5;  4.d4 c6;  5.e3 a6;  6.c5 Nbd7;  7.b4 a5;  8.b5 e5;  
9.Qa4 Qc7;  10.Ba3 e4;  11.Nd2 Be7;  12.b6 Qd8;  13.h3 0-0;  14.Nb3 Bd6;  
15.Rb1 Be7;  16.Nxa5 Nb8;  17.Bb4 Qd7;  18.Rb2 Qe6;  19.Qd1 Nfd7;  20.a3 Qh6; 
21.Nb3 Bh4;  22.Qd2 Nf6;  23.Kd1 Be6;  24.Kc1 Rd8;  25.Rc2 Nbd7;  26.Kb2 Nf8; 
27.a4 Ng6;  28.a5 Ne7;  29.a6 bxa6;  30.Na5 Rdb8;  31.g3 Bg5;  32.Bg2 Qg6;  
33.Ka1 Kh8;  34.Na2 Bd7;  35.Bc3 Ne8;  36.Nb4 Kg8;  37.Rb1 Bc8;  38.Ra2 Bh6; 
39.Bf1 Qe6;  40.Qd1 Nf6;  41.Qa4 Bb7;  42.Nxb7 Rxb7;  43.Nxa6 Qd7;  44.Qc2 Kh8; 
45.Rb3,  The computer team resigns - for the program, Fritz_X3D.

  1 -  0  

   Click  HERE   to see this game with NO annotations, on a js re-play board.   
(You don't need a chess set.) 

   Click  HERE   to see this game with my annotations, BUT!! ... this is text-only.   
  (Text only, but with a few diagrams.)  

   Post-Game Press Conference & Interview with Kasparov  

Kasparov on Game # 3

(A rough transcript of the post-game interview with Kasparov.)
(Present were Kasparov on the left, and Ashley, Hoffman, and Seirawan.)

GM M. Ashley: "Congrats on a spectacular victory. You completely dominated the machine. It looked as if you were," ... <slight pause> ... "just toying with the computer the whole time." 

   < Kasparov nods his head, chuckles, and agrees with Ashley's assessment of the game. > 

GM Garry Kasparov:  "The choice of opening was not very wise."  <pause> 
"I wanted to avoid any more blunders ... the game was one of complete positional domination ... I did not want to blunder again. I managed to protect all of my pieces - five times!" < laughter > "Everything was protected, the machine had no chance to attack." 
(Garry goes on to give a brief explanation and overview of the game.) 

Ashley:  "Game Four, the critical game <of the match> is coming up." 
(are you) "Going for the win?" 

Kasparov:  "I hope I could play good chess."  "Its very hard to make any predictions."  (but) "I am in a very good mood now."  < Kasparov smiles-chuckles. The panel laughs, understanding Kasparov's small joke. > 


Kasparov reiterates that he is in a good mood now and that his fighting spirits are very high. It is obvious that he feels much better and has almost completely recovered from his loss in Game Two. Kasparov talks fast, there is more laughter. 

Kasparov:  "I hope I have a good chance." (In game four.) 


Author and commentator, Paul Hoffman:  "The computer thought it had a better position, even after you took the a-Pawn with your Knight." 

  GM Garry Kasparov:  
  "I think the position was very unclear, - - -  it was absolutely unclear."    

He goes on to explain that the program definitely had its chances, and that it (the program) had, "better chances to organize it's counterplay." He also stated that the computer, "played much too passively." (Played with its pieces instead of pushing the King-side Pawns and attempting to open lines ... and expose the White King. Kasparov also pointed out that the computer lost a great deal of time moving pieces back and forth, and the entire panel shakes their head and agrees with Kasparov. Garry also states that once his King escaped to the Queen-side and he got a measure of organization to his pieces, that the game - from a technical standpoint - was over.)


Commentator GM Maurice Ashley then gives his closing comments and invites everyone to be sure to tune in for the final game. (Tuesday.) 


   Kasparov looks happy ... he must have won the game!  (x3d-07.jpg, 04 KB)

Kasparov strangles X3D Fritz in Game Three

17.11.2003  Just in case you thought the rise of the machines was inevitable, Garry Kasparov stood up for humanity in game three against X3D Fritz in New York City. Actually, it was more a case of X3D Fritz lying down while Kasparov rolled over it like he was the Terminator instead of the human. The match is now tied 1.5-1.5. The final game is Tuesday and X3D Fritz will have white.  

Report and full analysis.  (From the ChessBase web site.) 


   Which finger is that, anyway??? {An animated Kasparov explains game three.} (x3d-08.jpg, 04 KB)

Kasparov Wins Game Three To Tie the Match

  "Machines still have much to learn from us!"   

Garry Kasparov was in a must-win situation and scored a dominating victory. X3D Fritz was confused in a closed position and the world #1 squeezed it convincingly. The match is now tied 1.5-1.5 with the final game coming Tuesday. [ more ]  [ analysis(From the X3D site.) 

(More 'Kasparov vs. Fritz_X3D' stuff goes here.)


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