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Great sites are all over the world wide web which will provide information on almost anything. This true for SCA related and historical information as well. The links are divided topically onto several pages to keep download times to a minimum. Each Links page is divided into several subtopics as well. All links have been verified, and will continue to be re-checked as frequently as circumstances allow. If you do happen to discover a lost or changed link before I do, please email me so i can correct and investigate the link. NOTE: the links are numbered for ease of reference, but be sure to make note of the links title in case a link has been added or a bad link has been removed. The links to the pages seen below are being added progressively. Those with white text are available pages. The yellow text is a page that is not ready yet. If the page you want isn't ready, please check back soon!

The Web Developer of these pages nor the Shire of Oldenfeld or S.C.A., inc. claim any responsibility for the content of the pages which are accessed by these links. Inclusion of a link does not constitute support or endorsement of idealogies or other information presented on the web page. Access these pages at your own risk. Now, having said all that, go enjoy yourself. There is surely something listed you would enjoy learning more about!

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