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Here is your chance to get you two cents worth in about the Shire of Oldenfeld web site! Did you find something useful? Let us know. Was there something you didn't care for? We want to know about that, too! Maybe you just want to say hi and let us know you were here. We welcome your contribution, however grand or sparse. Also, if you want to reach someone in the Shire and cannot find them listed on the contact page or for other reason choose not to email them, the guestbook provides an alternative way to reach them.

Be aware that once you have signed the guestbook, and when you are viewing the guestbook entries, you are no longer on the Shire of Oldenfeld web site. Our guestbook service does sell advertising space. The Shire of Oldenfeld collects no money from any advertisers and does not endorse any products found advertised on pages not part of the Shire of Oldenfeld web site. Return to Oldenfeld using your "previous page" or "back" feature of your browser. If this is not a viable alternative, bookmark us now (the Home page would be best) so you can find your way back!

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