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Some more famous horses, and other equine

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All Star Equine - Show Biz Horses On location & On the set
The Sad Horse - North Wind
Celebrity Equine

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Mister Ed Puppet
Mister Ed Photography
Words to the Mr Ed Theme song


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Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Rogers
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November 5,1911 - July 6, 1998 ......... October 31, 1912- February 7, 2001


Trigger the horse and Roy Rogers museum

previously located in Victorville, California
The museum moved April 2003 to Branson, Missouri midway in the heart of the USA.
This will give even more people a chance to visit that could never make a long trip to California.
NEWS July 2010- Trigger, Roy Rogers famous horse remains that has been preserved in action position of rearing by Taxidermist, is up for preview to auction at Christies in Manhattan Friday July 9, 2010. The auction house in New York is selling many items from the now-closed
Roy Roger and Dale Evans Museum in Branson Mo. July 14-15, 2010. The past era continues to fade. Horse Fame classified this as historical worthy valued "priceless", and votes that Trigger should be kept at the Smithonian.


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