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      This series is about a talking horse and the architect who loved him. It was a syndicated series on January 5, 1961 and aired on CBS by programming chief James T. Aubrey, on October 1, 1961. (James died 9/6/1994) The show lasted until September 4, 1966. Arthur Lubin, was director, who also directed the early films of Abbott and Costello, & Francis the Talking Mule films. The pilot for the series was entitled "The Wonderful World of Wilbur Pope." Produced by George Burns, the pilot never aired. Mr. Ed became my favorite show. Wilbur had to keep the secret that Mr. Ed the horse could talk. Mr. Ed only spoke to his owner Wilbur Post (played by Alan Young) who worked as an architect out of his office in the barn at 17230 Valley Spring Lane. Mr. Ed did talk to children on several episodes. Mr. Ed told Wilbur - "Who would believe a kid saying a horse can talk?"

      No one came between Wilbur and Mr. Ed, not even Wilbur's wife Carol (Connie Hines). Ed talked Wibur to do what he wanted most of the time.

      Mr. Ed used the telephone through
      out the series

      Mr. Ed continuously becomes involved in comedy situations, such as riding a surf board, flying an airplane, giving a birthday party with all his horse friends, driving a delivery truck, wearing a Beatle wig, flying a kite, delivering newspapers, meeting baseball player Leo Durocher. Zsa Zsa Gabor was a guest on one of the shows. George Burns also made an appearance on the series. Donna Douglas, the actress who was "Elly May" on the "Beverly Hillbillies" comedy series in the 1960's. She acted as Clint Eastwood's girlfriend on one of the shows. That was when Clint was starring on "Rawhide" television western series.

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May 1998
Loretta Kemsley

Mister Ed was nine years old when Les Hiton purchased him. Ed suffered from arthritis in the last years of his life. When the pain became too much, he was put to sleep. Most horses live until their early 20s. Ed's "horse double" was named Pumpkin. I lost track of Pumpkin. I believe he was with the Ralph McCutcheon Stables when he did the snackpak commericals. Ed was with him when he died. I know that Ed died in the 70s, after Les had died.

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