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Mister Ed
Collectables - Memorabilia - Trivia
some books published about
Mr. Ed the talking horse

The Famous Mr. Ed
The Unbridled Truth
About America's
Favorite Talking Horse.

By Nancy Nalven
forward by
Wilbur (Alan Young).
A 30th Anniversary
Collector's Edition
published in 1991.

The book contains episodes,
interviews with the cast, behind the scenes tales,
(black & white pictures)
& trivia.

Mister Ed liked to read
comic books,
detective novels,
& the newspapers
according to
the story line
of the series.

Mister Ed
the Talking Horse
A Little Golden Book
published in 1962
by Barbara Shook Hazen
pictures by Mel Crawford

animated image

Mr. Ed & Me
By Alan Young - Bill Burt
St. Martin's Press
Alan Young covers his show business beginnings in Canada and his career in America.
It has photographs of the TV show was last published in

The Original Mr. Ed
by Walter Brooks. Illustrated by Bob Bugg. Bantam Books Published January 1963. It has 132 pages of Trivia of the Mister Ed series

A Mister Ed board game was made during 1962
by the Parker Brothers Company
A colorful game board with TV show cards,
Mister Ed cards, 4 playing pieces and 4 dice.


A Mr. Ed recording was made in 1962
A song call "Pretty Little Filly" and the flip side was
the "Mr. Ed Theme song" from the TV series
song written by Jay Livingston.
78 rpm & 45 rpm by Golden Records.

Jay Livingston was the singing voice
on the Mr. Ed theme song.

Allan "Rocky" Lane

was the talking voice of Mr. Ed

This uses the real audio player

click the golden yellow disc below to hear the song

Another record was made
Mister Ed the talking horse 33 1/3 rpm
It has "Ed the songwriter" and "Mr. Ed's Blues"
Original TV sound tracks by Colpix records

An Album "Straight from the Horses Mouth"
33 1/3 rpm was made in 1962
Mr. Ed sings songs and tells jokes.
Performed by
Mike Stewart and the Stable Hands

  1. Mister Ed Theme
  2. Straight from the Horse's Mouth
  3. Birds of a Feather
  4. "How" Song
  5. There's a Million Kinds of Animals
  6. There's a Hat for Every Occasion
  7. The Historic Force, the Horse
  8. It Takes Five Senses
  9. Sounds Like a Sound
  10. Why?
  11. The Sea
  12. The Weather Song
  13. Out in Outer Space

Mister Ed the talking horse and Alan young were on the cover of TV Guide
for March 31-April 6, 1962
June 23-29. 1962 a story inside TV Guide
A Mister Ed article in TV Guide for February 1964
& December 18, 1965 TV Guide issue

There also were
Mister Ed
coloring books.
Mister Ed was also
featured in
"Gold Key"comic books
& trading cards

The 1960's version of the
Mister Ed Puppet
made by the Mattel Toy Company
speaking french
with its original box
in mint condition
was worth over $1,000.00 in 1997

Kenner Give a show projector for children made a 7 slide feature of
Mister Ed the TV talking horse in
"No Pool Like a New Pool"-
dated 1964 - The story line is -
Mr. Ed tricks Wilbur into letting him swim in his new pool
Another slide show is "A Hitchin' Ed's Plans"
also there is a slide called Mr. Ed in "Turkey Trouble"

A limited number of the
Mister Ed television series
episodes are available on
video tape through some
mail order video stores
and on the internet.
Not Sold at this web site.

Each video contains 4 episodes
of Mister Ed The Talking Horse
(premiere episode) plus others.

others on video
There is a rare episode of Mr. Ed
"Wilbur Gets the Message"
starring Alan Young
and the voice of
Allan "Rocky" Lane as Mr. Ed
There is a pilot episode "Gun Trouble Valley"
starring Allan "Rocky" Lane as Red Ryder.
was popular in the early days of the invention of TV.

There was a Mister Ed Costume
made for children in the 1960's
the mask had a mouth that moved


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