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Mister Ed's

& stable mate

Pumpkin appeared on "GREEN ACRES",
a popular television series , in the episode
called: The Birthday Gift that aired Jan 01, 1969
A spotted horse was on the episode called: Horse? What Horse?
It first aired November 5, 1966
The palomino, " Pumpkin " has the expressions of buddy - Mister Ed only a darker nose & the shape of a pumpkin on the blaze.
Pumpkin could move his lips just like
Mister Ed
and was hired for his talents used on
Green Acres and the Snack Pak
pudding comercials in the late 1960's
and early 1970's.
Pumpkin may have appeared on other shows too.
above Pumpkin with Eddie Albert and left
with the late Eva Gabor on
the televison series " Green Acres "
Frank Inn was the animal trainer on the program.
In Memory of Eva Gabor
February 11, 1921 - JULY 4, 1995
and Eddie Albert
April 22, 1906 May 26, 2005

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